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LLEAP 2012 Survey Report Published

Among the findings
"Until doing this survey I was unaware that these organisations were available to apply to or contact – so very limited information sources." (School respondent, 2012)

  • 507 responses were received to the LLEAP 2012 Survey, bringing the total number of responses across 2011- 2012 to 809
  • schools ‘pressed up against the glass’ and wondering what they are looking at when it comes to philanthropy in schooling
  • not-for-profits ‘old hands’ in this space and an important linchpin between philanthropy and learners
  • philanthropics reporting a desire to engage more directly with education, particularly working in collaboration with schools and not-for-profits around common areas of need for learners
  • potential benefits and disadvantages of establishing a national fund to improve philanthropy in schooling canvassed.

Want to learn more about these and other findings from the LLEAP 2012 Survey?

LLEAP 2012 Survey Report Executive Summary
LLEAP 2012 Survey Report Full report

A big thank you to all those who gave their time to participate in the survey, and a big thank you also to our partners, the Origin Foundation and The Ian Potter Foundation, for making it possible to do this important work.

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