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URGENT: RESERVISTS, YOU ARE NEEDED!! Hurricane Ida Reservist Deployment Alert

September 10, 2021


Dear HFI Reservist,

Two weeks have passed since landfall of Hurricane Ida that ravaged southern Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane.  Power and utilities have been restored in the New Orleans and Houma areas, but communities further south are still waiting as lineman from around the country work tirelessly to bring utilities back online.  Walmart and other stores are beginning to reopen, bringing a sense of relief to residents — along with a welcomed dip in temperatures and humidity.

Within 24 hours of Ida’s landfall, Hope Force was on the ground assessing and beginning operations to serve those impacted.  The number of roofs compromised by this storm is almost incalculable, and residents are doing the best they can to protect their homes from further weather damage.  With each home tarped, there are countless others waiting.  The anxiety of residents is high, knowing that future rains will only cause further damage to their homes.

HFI Reservist leader, George Camp recalls, “We had driven by one particular home at least twice, looking for roofs to tarp — but this time was different. As we drove by, we saw Edmund up on his roof, standing on a makeshift ladder made to help him climb the steep roof. We stopped to ask if we could help. I asked Ed if we could tarp his roof for him. He replied ‘That would be so good, I didn’t know how I was going to do it.’  He was soaked with sweat as he struggled with the tarp, but now, that perspiration was replaced by thankful tears. I stayed close to him as he shakily came down from the roof.”

We have the material resources to continue to serve the people of Houma.  Our greatest need is manpower.  We are making an appeal to ALL Hope Force Reservists to consider taking a bold step of compassion...and join us in Louisiana Would you consider joining your fellow Hope Force Reservists in a very tangible expression of God’s love?  Specifically, we are looking for Reservists and volunteers the week of September 17 –24.  (If you endorse a friend — even if they haven’t completed our training — they are welcome to come with you!) The need is compelling and the opportunity is great...and your pathway of service has already been prepared for you.

If you are able to respond to this call for help, please contact Connie Hasty at deployment@hopeforce.org.   Of course, we’d love to have you for the entire week, but we can accommodate you...even if only for a few days.

If you are available, please REPLY HERE

What You Need to Know:

  • Housing: Plan to sleep on the floor – bring mats/cots & sleeping gear
  • Meals: Provided by Hope Force

What you need to do now:

  • Conduct a self-assessment: "Is this a good time for me to consider deploying?"
  • Pray about participating
  • If you may be available, REPLY HERE  to this with the following:
  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Cell Phone Number
  4. Date of availability (as best you know)
  • Prepare your deployment gear & supplies
  • Communicate with family, friends and employer about possible deployment.  (They may even want to support you in this adventure. If they want a tax receipt, they can give online on the website and mark in "special notes":  (put your name in here) Hurricane Ida Response
  • Complete any unfinished paperwork immediately, including a background check, if you have not already done so with Hope Force. (Details to follow, after you notify us of your interest to go.)

If you cannot go at this time, please consider giving to the response – and please pray for these efforts!