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In Turkey’s referendum Sunday, the “yes” votes narrowly carried the day – dividing rural and urban Turks and handing a victory and a great deal more power to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Doga Ulas Eralp of American University’s School of International Service explains the many forces pushing Turkey toward more autocratic rule and away from the European Union.

All recent Republican presidents have scaled back U.S. global family planning efforts but Donald Trump, it seems, aims to go further than his predecessors. As American University School of International Service’s Rachel Sullivan Robinson argues, this deeper retrenchment would “put millions of lives at risk” by increasing the number of maternal deaths in poor countries and weakening the fight to stop the spread of HIV and other diseases.

Over the next couple of months, Netflix will be premiering a number of new seasons of binge worthy shows, from “Master of None” to “House of Cards.” While some will relish spending a weekend watching the entire season start to finish, others might feel guilty. Perhaps they’ve read those studies linking binge watching with depression, or maybe they’re worried that they might be judged as a couch potato. But West Virginia University’s Elizabeth Cohen makes a case for why it’s okay to give yourself permission to binge watch your favorite TV show.

And finally, the inside story on why felines can’t resist the call of a #catsquare from Tufts University’s Nicholas Dodman.

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Erdogan after the referendum, April 16, 2017. REUTERS/Murad Sezer

Turkish referendum grants more power to Erdogan: Democracy no more?

Doga Ulas Eralp, American University School of International Service

How a once trustworthy NATO ally, an aspiring EU candidate and an emerging power came to be ruled by one strong man.

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  • Who are the Coptic Christians?

    Paul Rowe, Trinity Western University

    Among the Christians of the Middle East, the largest number – some eight million or so – is of Egypt’s Copts. Here's their story.

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  • What's behind TV bingeing's bad rap?

    Elizabeth Cohen, West Virginia University

    Don't listen to the headlines linking binge watching to depression and loneliness. It can be a positive experience – but only if we think of it as a good thing.

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