Once you're over the hill
you begin to pick up speed
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Future Unfolding #8


Autumn is here,
casting its beautiful light. 

Future Unfolding

After a long break, there's two new pieces on our blog, now in a more reader-friendly design. The first one covers some of the different sources of inspiration we had for Spirits and Future Unfolding. The second one explains why we built our own tech instead of using a third-party engine like Unity. If you're curious about the how and why of our games, they might be of interest to you.

Next week, Andreas will be travelling to Birmingham, where we'll show Future Unfolding at the EGX Indie Megabooth. Say hi if you're around! We have some new secrets in the game that are waiting to be explored.


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A few weeks ago our friends at Metanet added an increment operator to their platformer N, a game series they have been working on and off for over 10 years now. They made a couple of levels inspired by other indie games, and – to our honor – the level depicted below got a neat Future Unfolding treatment. We sure love the color palette.

Until next month,
– Andreas, Marek & Mattias