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Trojan Horse Interiors are a dynamic team of experienced commercial interior designers and construction managers providing services in all aspects of office interiors since 1991. We specialise in locating, designing, constructing and maintaining outstanding commercial interiors and have included you in this correspondence due to our previous contact, or thought you may find it of interest. If you do not wish to continue receiving these emails, simply select the unsubscribe button below.

Simple Solutions for Heritage Spaces

As a semi government group working in the area of native title, this client's unique aspects are reflected in the nature of their new premises.   This single level, heritage listed building started life as a primary school in 1895 and began with repairs to reverse the damage done by previous owners and tenants.

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Simple Solutions for Workstation Areas

Polished existing jarrah floors are juxtaposed with blond timbers, while a "white on white" internal shell is accented by bright colour applied to the workstation screens.    Meeting rooms now flow directly off the reception and existing feature doors and windows retain their historic charm with air conditioning, lighting and data cabling upgraded to ensure a modern working environment.

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Simple Solutions for Historical Buildings

Existing areas designated by masonry walls have been re-allocated to create both public and private zones with minimal disruption to the historical fabric of the building, ensuring that the building's use can be re-invented time and time again into the future.

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