The Episcopal Church welcomes you
Missioner's Fall Message

Dear relatives,

As you can see from this newsletter, we have done much together in the last six months. I am truly grateful for all of the partners in ministry, as none of this could’ve happened without you. Together we look toward the next triennium of Indigenous Ministry with open hearts and open minds, continuing our work on building our communities together.

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General Convention: Doctrine of Discovery Lament

In order to educate our church on resolution D035 “to Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery,” the Doctrine of Discovery Lament brought stories of indigenous peoples to churchwide leaders. The story offerings came from several areas of the church to demonstrate how the Episcopal Church’s involvement in the Doctrine of Discovery has led to issues Indigenous people face today.

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Doctrine of Discovery Lament Offering 1:

Acknowledge & Lament the Past and Present 
By Kathryn Rickert, Ph.D.

As far as I know, the Episcopal Church is the first in history to publicly repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery, and this was the first international event of Christian worship to overtly lament the events and consequences so long ignored. It is important to say that since very shortly after the arrival of the “conquistadores” in the Americas, Bartolomé de las Casas and many other Christians have spent their entire lives trying to reverse the tragic direction of colonialism

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Doctrine of Discovery Lament Offering 2:

Recognition of “Our” Places in the Story
by Newland Smith

My place in the story of this nation is clearly rooted in New England, an unambiguous Exhibit A of a Connecticut Yankee whose eighteenth-century forebear was Hezekiah Smith.

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Doctrine of Discovery Lament Offering 3:

Being an Indian in the 21st Century
by the Rev. Deacon Terry Star (Dakota)

My parents have always been involved with community activities for youth. My extended family includes the children and teens from the many communities we’ve lived in. Since high school, I, too, have been involved in work with teens; I’ve made a career out of working with teens. Most recently, I have been involved in youth ministry and have been employed as an area director for a youth ministry program in partnership with my congregation. All of these experiences have given me the opportunity to be in the midst of their lives, to witness their struggles and to encourage their gifts.

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Doctrine of Discovery Lament Offering 5:

A Transforming Reality, A New Type of Love
by the Rev. Eulogio Quito (Quechua)

On behalf of the Central Diocese of the Episcopal Church of Ecuador and my indigenous brothers of the Andes, I greet you with brotherhood, peace, love, and blessings. The Aztec poet Chilan Balan described in the following passage what happened in our ABYA YALA as a result of the conquest: “They plucked our fruit, and burned our trunk, but they could not kill our roots.”

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Navajo Chaplain Cornelia Eaton to General Convention

Serving as chaplain in the House of Deputies at the 77th General Convention was God’s call. Deputy Cornelia Eaton embraced God’s call as her primary role to share the gospel within the concept of Navajo Spirituality – "my identity, as I know Jesus, incarnated, too, among the Navajo culture, tradition, and faith."

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The Great Hope for St. James’ Cannon Ball

On the 25th of July, the Feast of St. James, our church building in Cannon Ball burned to the ground – everything – to ashes. Canon John Floberg was called by Robert Fool Bear at about 10:00 p.m., who said that he believed the building was on fire. Leaving home within minutes with his oldest son, Isaiah, they raced to the scene. By the time he arrived, the parish hall was all but gone. The church itself was fully involved with the roofline still visible in the dark billowing smoke and flames.

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The Red Shirt Project

The Red Shirt Project was started 12 years ago in the parish church of Saint George’s, La Cañada, in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, where I had served as their curate. Many members of Saint George’s still make their annual sojourn to the village of Red Shirt on the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, one of the poorest areas in the United States. The Red Shirt Project has evolved to include young people from across Southern California, Minnesota, and other parts of the country. Their sojourn is separate from Saint George’s, and it always begins and ends in Los Angeles.

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In Memoriam: Maria Chavez Quispe

Fall 2012

The Rev. Dr. Mary Crist Preaches at the 77th General Convention

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Indigenous Theological Training

The Bishops’ Native Collaborative

The Bishops’ Native Collaborative gathered October 24-25, in Fairbanks, Alaska, to continue their work and discussions on how best to provide for the needs of leadership training, both lay and ordained, in each of the dioceses and for the larger church.

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News from the West

Hawaii: The Ordination of Malcolm Naea Chun

On Sunday, June 10, 2012, the Rev. Malcolm Naea Chun was ordained as an Episcopal priest in the Cathedral of St. Andrew, Honolulu. The Rt. Rev. Mark McDonald, the National Indigenous Bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada, was the guest preacher. The Rev. Chun is currently serving as a priest associate at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Nativity, Honolulu.

See photos here (courtesy of Fr. David Blanchett)

News from Lakes and Plains

Fall Update From the Department of Indian Work in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota

In a hope that this can be the time to begin the process of reconciliation throughout the land, Bishop Whipple Mission on the Lower Sioux Reservation hosted its annual convention by marking the 150th anniversary of the Dakota rising up to fight Euro-American settlers and soldiers of Minnesota.

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News from the East

St. Enmagahbowh’s
Bible Celebration

After two years of painstaking work, St. Enmagahbowh's personal bible has been beautifully restored.

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International News

Taizé in the Far West

On May 24th through 27th, 2013, a new stage in the “pilgrimage of trust on earth” will be held in the “Far West” of the United States.

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