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March 2018

Being on the right side of history

Being on the right side of history
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By using a variety of creative and scientific methods to change behaviour, we can sometimes walk a fine line between good and evil. Add data to the mix, and the line gets blurred even further. To some extent, it is about regulation lagging behind, but more insidiously it is our digital addiction that sees us happily handing over our data without much protection. I paraphrase David Ogivily when I say advertising does not set the standard, it reflects the mores of society. 

At its heart advertising, like all our relationships, comes down to reciprocity. The practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.

The reason we should all be concerned about Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook data is that it broke that fair-trade agreement. In exchange for the seamless, easy and free use of digital platforms, we’ve become Guinea Pigs in a Silicon Valley experiment, trading not only our data but narrowing our culture and attention spans.

As with the last big experiment, the industrial revolution, which took the best part of a century to complete, this digital age too will need some time to settle. It is only in its infancy, and I suspect we have some time yet to separate the wheat from the chaff and to establish how we will interact with machine learning.

If the digital world is shrinking culture and increasing conformism, the humble Out of Home (OOH) advertisement can be heralded as a bastion of free speech. It democratises information – anyone in any given place at any given time can see one message and share their reaction to it. This is illustrated beautifully in my favourite film this season, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, which uses the simplicity and power of OOH advertising to make a difference.

Revolutions come and go, but what remains constant is our humanity. This weekend we will break bread and drink wine with our family and friends, just as JC did thousands of years ago. It is here in the real world, with all our senses on, that moments are genuinely shared, warts and all.

This Easter keep it simple, real and be safe, while you eat, drink, and be merry. And don’t forget to look up because that’s when it happens.

Charmaine Moldrich


Household travel surveys of OOH
In this month’s Anatomy of OOH, MOVE takes a look at household travel surveys to show ‘Why and when we travel’.
To see the proof, download the slide series.

News Round Up


oOh!media secures advertising rights to Qantas inflight entertainment


M&C Saatchi "The Toms" enter AdNews Hall of Fame


A hint of New York and Las Vegas in Mackay, Queensland


Adshel signs new multi-year contract with Sydney Trains


oOh!media announces full integration of Seedooh reporting system


See the sites: APN Outdoor take clients on the ultimate tour of Melbourne


Out There – Local

Don't believe in never! 
The AFL has launched an inspiring OOH campaign, showcasing the three AFL stars' stories and how giving up was never an option for them. The three short films will be released on social media to coincide with the campaign.

Find out more.

Australian Ethical Super gives back with OOH
Australian Ethical Super has taken a refreshing approach to superannuation by creating an interactive OOH campaign fitted with a growing herb garden.

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Protestors channel Three Billboards movie as a political stunt
This OOH campaign was aligned with International Women's Day, calling for paid domestic violence leave. 

Find out more.

Nike React
Nike has completely covered Central Station, to launch its new product, Nike React. Partnering with Adshel and JCDecaux, this eye-catching campaign is hard to miss!

Find out more.

Out There – International

'Put down the donut' 
Montage Health, a newly formed health association in Monterey California, has promoted its services and benefits through this cheeky OOH campaign.

Read more.

This March, Deliveroo celebrated the UK's most popular takeaway dish by building a 6-metre-long billboard made entirely out of burgers.

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The Dinosaur Hunt
In a first for Macau Internation Airport, its Arrival Baggage Reclaim area was taken over by dinosaurs breaking out of cages to promote ‘The Dinosaur Hunt’ exhibition.

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London commuters in Waterloo station got a close-up view of thousands of giant, hissing cockroaches inside a billboard with the chance of winning tickets to the new Rainforest Adventure.

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International Profile


Population: 66.9 million (2016)

  • OOH advertising expenditure (2018): US $11.5 billion
  • OOH as a % of total ad-spend (2015): 11.5%
  • Top advertising categories include: retails, cars, culture/leisure, and food

Source: Aegis Global


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