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Celebrating Another Year In Solar

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Winter has arrived, and--hooray!--it actually feels like a real winter. Despite the chill, we're feeling grateful that the weather seems to fit the season: a little sun, just enough cold, and plenty of rain. 

This summer, Mendocino Solar Service celebrated our 23rd year helping Mendocino County connect to solar. We send out a heartfelt thank you to all our customers who have stepped forward as environmentally conscious leaders in their community by investing in clean, green & local solar energy.

The Year 2016 was another banner year for solar energy. Around the country, across our State, and right here in Mendocino County, solar energy use continued to surge.

In this issue of News from the Solar System we will put a wrap on 2016 by sharing some solar news highlights from the year. Want to learn more? Click on any text in green for a web link to more information.

Happy Holidays!

Bruce Erickson & Maggie Watson, Co-Owners, Mendocino Solar Service

Mendocino County's 2016 Solar News

Solar is on the rise here in Mendocino County, as evidenced in these recent news stories.

Mendocino Historic Review Board Approves Residential Solar in Mendocino Village; First residential solar project installed

Are You Ready to Power Your Car With Sunlight? Local residents use on-grid solar energy system to power home & electric car

City of Fort Bragg City to Install Charging Stations

Mendocino College Students Prepare for Sustainable Technology Jobs

Mendocino County Board of Supervisors Votes To Join Sonoma Clean Power 

Image: Mendocino Solar Service customer with her electric car.

2016 Sees "A Solar Uprising" In Florida

Of any state in the union, solar energy advocates in Florida had one of the most epic years. Check out these 2016 news stories and you'll understand why.

Why climate change is such a big issue in Florida

Why It’s So Hard to Get Solar in Florida 

Fight over Florida's solar amendment heats up after leaked recording reveals utilities' strategy

Florida voters reject utility-backed solar amendment: “Today was truly a solar uprising.”

Florida’s Amendment 1 fails in enormous win for solar

Saint Petersburg Becomes First Florida City to Commit to 100% Renewables

Image: From NoOn1.org 

In National News...

There was no shortage of national solar news stories in 2016. Here are just a few that caught our eye.

The Solar Industry Now Employs More People in US Than The Oil Industry

Donald Trump Goes Solar on Hillary Clinton During the First Debate

Mark Ruffalo Delivers Solar Panels to Camp Where Thousands Are Fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline

Solar Power Proponents Hopeful Trump Sees Benefit of Growing Industry

Here Comes the Sun: US Solar Power Market Hits All-Time High