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Radio Spectrum Five Year Outlook

The final Radio Spectrum Five Year Outlook has been published on the Radio Spectrum Management website. This follows the publication of a consultation draft in 2012 and a summary of submissions and Ministry responses earlier in 2013. The Outlook delivers clarity for our stakeholders by outlining the Ministry’s work programme over the period from 2012 to 2016.

Read the Radio Spectrum Five Year Outlook 2012-2016

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Do you sell electrical or radio products?

One of the activities pursued by the RSM Compliance team is the monitoring and control of sales of equipment, which may cause interference to radio services or endanger the licensing framework. This typically involves auditing of physical supplier outlets and internet based traders, and often requires RSM to seek further information from on-line auction sites. Over the past several years we have established very cooperative relationships with organisations such as Trade Me who have an interest in ensuring that traders operate lawfully and that products offered are acceptable for supply and use in New Zealand. Requests to the on-line auction company will normally include removal of the advertisement and provision of advertiser details to enable direct contact by the Ministry where there is evidence of non-compliant products being offered.

The recent Trade Me transparency report: July 2013, gives some background and statistical details regarding the provision of member information to agencies involved in ensuring compliance with the law.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is shown as being second only to the Police in the number of requests Trade Me received. Requests from RSM and Energy Safety for information to determine compliance with the Radiocommunications Act, the Electricity Act and the Gas Act making up most (213) of the 265 MBIE requests handled in the last year.

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North Island TV is going digital

TV in the Lower North Island, Taranaki and the East Cape is going digital on 29 September 2013, and the rest of the North Island on 1 December 2013. You need Freeview, Sky or Igloo before then to keep watching TV.

Find out more at www.goingdigital.co.nz

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Electrical trade show in Christchurch

RSM and Energy Safety shared a stand at the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand’s (ECANZ) Christchurch trade show, on Thursday 18 July 2013. This is the largest annual electrical trade show in New Zealand.

Energy Safety presented information on amendments to the Electricity (Safety) Regulation 2010 largely resulting from the new certification regime that came into force 1 July 2013. There was a great deal of interest from both practitioners and industry on this subject.

Radio Spectrum Management also attended, presenting information on the compliance documentation and RCM mark labelling changes that have applied since 1 March 2013. This was an excellent opportunity to exchange information and feedback with practitioners and electrical suppliers.

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