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Motricity Media is now Voltari

Effective today, Motricity Media has changed its name to Voltari. The company's mission, simply stated, is to help marketers reach the right audience on any mobile device.

Voltari is introducing two products into the mobile advertising marketplace. On August 20th we will launch V-Connect, our predictive analytics platform that allows us to:

  • Focus attention on the right audience prior to launching campaigns
  • Provide on-the-fly optimization of campaigns by factoring real-time behavioral transactional data for higher engagement
  • Automate the learning processes used for segment development and in-flight optimization
On August 27th we will introduce V-Labs. The vision for V-Labs is to create engaging mobile interactive marketing solutions. We will develop and build turn-key mobile solutions for marketers and agencies looking for higher engagement from users.

The link below provides more detail on V-Connect and some examples of programs developed though V-Labs.

V-Connect is unlike anything you've seen before. It is sure to shake up the advertising industry which is fitting since our name is rooted from Latin meaning revolution.

Rich Stalzer

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