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Protect Me From What I Want

Hue Light Strips

Installing a light strip behind my screen turned out to be one of the most impactful changes to my work environment in a very long time.

This reduces so much eye strain, especially when working at night.

Don't bother setting it to any multicolored nightmare (hello gamers), but rather one color matching your night shift mode will do.


Protect Me From What I Want

Eiermann, Desk 01

The original 1953 design by Egon Eiermann. This is such a simple versatile desk.

I would recommend the black base. Instead of buying the expensive linoleum top, buy a cheap tabletop from IKEA paint the sides black, and glue black linoleum on top.

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Protect Me From What I Want

GTD so you can GTFO

Developed in collaboration with James Clear from Atomic Habits fame, who has more than 1million subscribers on his newsletter.

This is a fantastic notebook. It comes with neat habit trackers, a great grid system, a table of contents. It's the closest to an actual digital tool I have seen. Also, it smells and feels good.

The downside, it's overpriced, especially if shipped from the US. Close your eyes and press buy.

Clear Eyes Full Hearts


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