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Join Us Tomorrow To Create Life Changing Moments For Kids!

Tomorrow, November 29th, through the generous offer of a donor, all donations made online to BCI, will be matched dollar for dollar up to $15,000. Donations to BCI in any denomination are greatly appreciated and help to fund our community outreach intiatives. BCI and its programs provide opportunities for professional basketball players to get involved and have meaningful hands-on interaction with kids and fans.

Donate here.

BCI elevates basketball's sphere of influence, connecting kids to professional players who step up their game through active faith.

Thanks so much.


Kathy Scheuerman
Basketball Club International

I'm personally inviting you to play the game with us!  Download the free FireFan App from either the App or Google Play store using our access code Sharm46.  It's real-time play that puts your head in the game...literally...all in real time while you are watching the Game!


BCI keeps in touch with our supporters, volunteers and fans through social media like Facebook and Twitter.  We welcome your support and we hope you will join us online and help to spread the word about BCI!  Please feel free to forward this email as well.

Thank you for your support of BCI.  BCI Loop and our youth outreach initiatives depend on the generous support of individuals like you.  To make a contribution, please visit BCIEdge.org.