Oxfam Policy & Practice News March 2016

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Oxfam Policy & Practice News March 2016

The latest policy, research, and learning from Oxfam


Are you responsible for protection in humanitarian crises? Is your organisation up to speed on safeguarding? We have materials and discussion for you.

This month we’ve also published briefings on the crises in Yemen and Syria, and a call for the the UK to lead on ending the era of tax havens.

On our blog Graham Whitham argues that UK welfare reform will increase existing inequalities, Renata Rendon reflects on the human suffering in Greece’s migrant crisis, and Dario Kenner explains why inequality and over-consumption must be tackled together.

Read on for more blog posts, research, videos and a humanitarian evidence event.

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Oxfam Policy & Practice 


Protection materials

If you work for a humanitarian agency then protection, helping people to stay safe in conflicts and disasters, is your job.

Our new materials will help you to understand how everything you do has the potential to reduce or increase the risks people face. They include an overview of what protection means in practice, guidance on working with state authorities and armed groups, and leaflets covering common concerns and key responsibilities. 

Read the blog: What is protection anyway?


Yemen's invisible crisis

A year of intense conflict in Yemen has created one of the world’s biggest humanitarian emergencies and risks pushing millions into famine. A new Oxfam briefing shares the experiences of ordinary Yemenis.

On our blog Simone Carter describes the challenge of delivering aid: 
All we can do is help people survive


Tax havens and the UK

The UK heads the world’s biggest financial secrecy network, centred on the City of London. Our briefing outlines how tax havens leave poor countries without the funds they need, and what the UK government can do about it.

Read the blog: Tax havens - not as far away as you think


New blog posts

News, analysis and debate for development and humanitarian professionals


New publications 

New research reports, policy papers and programme learning


New videos


Humanitarian evidence event

Evidence Synthesis in the Humanitarian Field: Challenges and opportunities
14 April, 12:15 - 13:45, DFID - 22 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2EG. 


Gender and the SDGS

Have you seen the latest issue of the Gender & Development journal? Nine articles from  prominent women’s rights activists and advocates offer a first-cut analysis of the Sustainable Development Goals.