January 10, 2020

PH PreK4 eNews

We were all so happy to see the children’s smiling faces this week. They were eager to share about wonderful Christmas adventures and special gifts! 

We enjoyed talking about winter, about building a snowman, and about lots of other fun things that we can do when it snows. We also learned that God made each snowflake different…just like us.  We are all made in God’s image, yet each of us is special and unique because there is only one of us!  

Throughout the rest of the year we will continue to identify beginning and ending sounds in words as well as those tricky short middle vowels (so far only o, a, and i) in simple words.  Playing listening games at home or in the car is a great way to reinforce hearing parts of sounds in words…which is such an important pre-reading skill!  If you need help with some games to play, ask your child’s teacher for some ideas. 

The children are so excited about next week!  We will focus on the letter “P”; we will have pancakes, read about polar bears, and celebrate the letter “Pp” with “Pajama Day”.  Children should wear their pajamas on Friday. Children should also wear tennis shoes, no slippers please!

Next Week

  • Bible Verse: “Jesus grew and became strong, filled with wisdom and God’s grace.” Luke 2:40 (We will recite this verse in chapel on Thursday. Practice at home too!)
  • Bible Story: Beside the Pool (Over the next few months, we will learn about many of the miracles Jesus performed.)
  • Reading/Phonemic Awareness: We will introduce the letter “Pp” and the sound that /p/ makes.
  • Math: #8
  • Unit: Polar Animals
  • Show and Tell: Bring something that begins with the letter and sound of /P/.

Important Dates

  • January 17 - Pajama Day for PreK4 class!
  • January 20 - No school in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • January 31 -  PH PE Program at The Springdale Campus, @ 9:15 am. All are welcome to come and watch your child/children perform.


Please make sure your child’s coat is labeled with his/her name.  Many children have new coats and we don’t want these to get lost!

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