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Get Your Ducts in a Row

Getting one’s “ducks in a row” refers to being organized toward attaining a goal. This provides us with a useful metaphor for explaining the importance of a properly designed and installed duct system.

In HVAC terms, getting the “ducts in a row” can refer to everything that goes into every part of the system correctly: calculating the load, sizing the runs, providing adequate return air, locating the return air properly, radius turns, canvass connectors, cross-breaking, using the best materials, installing the system properly, sealing the system and more.

It’s rare that the homes you visit have properly designed or installed ductwork. That means that nearly every proposal should include some amount of duct modifications. As you know, the most common shortcomings are inadequate return air and duct leakage. Sure, there are times when you can’t get to the ductwork and there are times when you are just too busy to do a full duct system replacement, nevertheless it is your customer’s expectation that you advise them of the problems they have and the consequences of doing nothing. Let them choose to make the changes or not. Give them the choice.

Here is a video clip example of how you might give the customer a choice between replacing the duct system or sealing it. In this video, the customer and I had previously determined that the system was properly sized but poorly installed with excessive leakage. This was causing comfort, health and high energy bill problems. In this scenario you will see a choice between replacing the system or sealing with Aeroseal. It’s a YouTube link so please forgive the fuzziness. *(If this interests you, I’ll be speaking on this subject in a FREE Aeroseal webinar October 9th, 1:30pm EDT. Click Here to Register.)

What will this mean to your sales? By educating the customer you will differentiate yourself from the “bidders and estimators,” you will increase your close rate and you will increase your average job selling price buy several thousand dollars. Your customers will be more comfortable with a healthier home environment and lower utility bills. And you know what all of that means to your income.

One final note. Make sure, especially when you are busy, you price your labor-intensive duct changeout work with the profitability you need to have on every job every day.

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In true consultant fashion, Tom has put together a system of the best practices and ideas used by the most successful sales professionals in the industry. Using his program of audio and books BEFORE the workshop is an excellent approach. This enables full use of all time spent in the workshop. Tom is easy to work with and is truly one of the best in the business.
Kerry O'Brien, President
T.F. O'Brien Cooling and Heating

I have owned and managed a Residential HVAC Installation and Service Company since 1978. Being a huge proponent of customer service and sales training for our personnel, I have routinely invested in industry consultants to improve the level of competency and service provided by all of our staff. Tom has been our “Top Choice” for the last decade when it comes to preparing our employees to exceed our customer’s expectations!!
Greg Gill, President
Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar

As an owner of a Heating, Cooling and Plumbing company we are constantly presented with many challenges with growth being the one in the forefront. In 2002, we decided to grow our business 25% year over year and we knew to accomplish this feat we would need all-encompassing sales and “Repair vs. Replace" lead-generation processes. We also knew that we didn’t have those capabilities in-house and would need to hire a professional trainer. We wanted an industry knowledgeable, successful, ethical individual and most importantly a trainer whose method was consultative selling rather than the stereotypical “car salesman” technique.

After a thorough exploration of candidates we chose Tom Piscitelli. From the time we engaged Tom to this current date (2012), Tom’s methods, processes and personal interactions with our company has been one of the reasons we have been able to exceed our goals.

More importantly, because of the time I’ve spent with Tom, I’ve been inspired to create a multitude of new concepts, selling practices, and marketing ideas that are helping us create the company that we always dreamed of.

I’m certain that anyone who will work with Tom will reap same successes as Hutchinson.
Fred Hutchinson CEO
Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling, LLC

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