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Exhibits Development Group is very pleased to present our most recent international exhibition Samurai Warriors: Three Centuries of Japanese Armor and Tradition (1573—1867)!

Armor, helmets, swords and other battle gear of the Samurai make up this exhibition dedicated to the powerful military caste that ruled Japan for seven centuries.

Created during the Azuchi Momoyama period (1573—1603) and the Edo period (1603—1867), these superbly crafted battle costumes were important signifiers of leadership, authority and social position. Through them we can trace the social, political and economic history of Japan.

Visitors can admire tosei gusoku (“modern armour”) and learn about the history and construction techniques of these garments and about the main schools of arms-makers. There are also examples of kabuto (Japanese helmets) and of kawari kabuto (“extraordinary helmets”) in eccentric and spectacular shapes and with ornaments that were inspired by sacred objects and natural elements. The exhibition concludes with a selection of Samurai accessories of extraordinary quality such as maedate (ornaments for helmets), mounts for swords and blades for katana, the weapon most favored by the Samurai.

The exhibition, curated by Giuseppe Piva, comes from the Koelliker Collection in Milan, Italy, which is recognized as one of the most important Samurai collections outside Japan for the number and quality of its pieces.




Approximately 75 objects
31 Full suits of armor
22 Helmets
Selection of swords and other Samurai accessories

Wall labels and text on the history of the Samurai and their armor

144-page catalogue

12 weeks

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