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The Peace Corps has helped communities all around the world and AmeriCorps has done similar work in the United States. Scott Shackelford of Indiana University says the time is right for both groups to add cybersecurity to their missions. That would help governments, key industries and civic groups fight a major threat – and increase goodwill and trust at home and abroad.

As we approach Halloween next week, we can expect to see sales of candy, costumes and decorations to go up and for children and adults to celebrate the holiday in many ways. Boston University’s Regina Hansen explains the origins of this tradition that has come to mean different things to different people.

A bare Senate majority just voted to get rid of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rule making it easier for consumers to sue banks. Since the House has already passed the measure, it’s on its way to President Trump’s desk for his almost-certain signature. Consumer finance experts Jeff Sovern, Ann Goldweber and Gina Calabrese explain why the bureau, and the many rules it has issued since it was set up in 2011, now need our protection.

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Some Peace Corps volunteers already provide computer assistance and instruction. Peace Corps

Is it time for a Cyber Peace Corps?

Scott Shackelford, Indiana University

The US could help solve a global security problem and boost its image abroad by helping willing experts share their cybersecurity knowledge around the country and the globe.

Halloween parade in New York. AP Photo/Andres Kudacki

Little-known facts about how Halloween came to be

Regina Hansen, Boston University

This Oct. 31, many in the U.S. will celebrate Halloween. The origins of this tradition go back to Celtic and later Christian traditions.

Republicans have been opposed to the CFPB since it was created. Reuters/Joshua Roberts

Why we need to save the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Jeff Sovern, St. John's University; Ann L. Goldweber, St. John's University; Gina M. Calabrese, St. John's University

Republican efforts to kill a rule designed to make it easier for people to sue banks are a reminder of why it's so important to have a government agency that protects consumers.

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Our survey data, together with our review of existing tax research on the topic, suggest that many women-owned companies are unable to fully access more than 5 billion worth of tax incentives Congress has designed to help small businesses.


How the US tax code bypasses women entrepreneurs

Caroline Bruckner

American University

Caroline Bruckner