Happy Australia Day



Once Australia Day meant a long weekend !!!!! They were the days of 'the land of the long weekend' when Australians valued their leisure and a long weekend seemed an appropriate way to celebrate a national day.
Then we were told the national day is too important to be marked simply by a day off. In 1994 officiously patriotic busybodies decided Australia Day needed to be filled with meaning and celebrated on the day itself, not with a long weekend.
But how successful have they been? We have seen the hoisting of more flags, the rise of aggressive nationalism, a greater use of the term 'un-Australian' to describe whatever we don't happen to like. But with Australia Day falling on a Thursday this year, how many Australians will be back at work on Friday 27 January full of national pride? And how many will instead celebrate the national day with an even longer weekend than they had in its glory days?

Aspire Design Furniture is proud to be an all Australian and Queensland owned and operated Company.  We are proud of the fact that we employ a highly professional team of Australians using Australian materials producing Australian deigned products for Australian Business.

Aspire Design Furniture would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Customers and their families a happy and safe Australia Day


Interesting Facts

●    Australia Day – January 26, is the Anniversary of Ships arriving in Sydney
      carrying a load of Convicts

●    Until 1984, Australia’s National Anthem was “God Save the Queen/King”

●   Convicts were not sent to Australia for serious crimes. Serious crimes, such as Murder or Rape were given the death sentence in England



Thought for Today



Attitudes are contagious – is yours worth catching


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