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2014 International Pathfinder Camporee - Newsletter

May 2011

iPhone App Survey


We'd like to know what you think about the 2014 International Camporee iPhone app.

If you haven't already, please take a short, 5-question survey to give us some feedback so we know how to make this resource more effective for you.

Even if you do not own a smartphone, we would welcome your input in order to better serve you as well.


2,014 Promotion Update

2,014 Promotion Update

Only four months left (October 1, 2011) for you to enter into this special promotion draw*. As soon as 2,014 tickets are sold, we will do a live draw for 20 free tickets**. Encourage your clubs to register now.

Don't miss your chance to win. Purchase your tickets now!


*This offer supersedes the previous promotions. In the event that the number of tickets sold does not reach 2,014 by October 1, 2011, this promotion will be canceled, and no drawing will take place.

**Winners of the drawing will receive 20 free camporee tickets that they may use for their club or sell to other clubs. Tickets cannot be split up among different clubs. All tickets must be used by a single club, or sold/given to another club.

Union Coordinators & Events


Each union in the North American Division has the opportunity to raise or lower the flag, parade through the 2014 International Camporee, and use the main stage for a thirty-minute day-time program of their choice, which will be broadcast live on the Church Hope Channel. The coordinators for these union events are as follows:


Below is the current schedule for these union events: 

August 13 - Wednesday
7:00am      Flag Raising    Columbia Union Conference
9:00am      Main Stage      Atlantic Union Conference
12:00pm    Main Stage      Pacific Union Conference
3:00pm      Main Stage      Mid-America Union Conference
3:45pm      Parade            Lake Union & Southern Union Conferences
7:00pm      Flag Lowering   SDA Church of Canada

August 14 - Thursday
7:00am      Flag Raising     Southern Union Conference
9:00am      Main Stage       Lake Union Conference
12:00pm    Main Stage       Columbia Union Conference
3:00pm      Main Stage       SDA Church of Canada
3:45pm      Parade             N Pacific Union, Pacific Union & Southwestern Union Conferences
7:00pm      Flag Lowering   (International Pathfinders)

August 15 - Friday
7:00am      Flag Raising      North Pacific Union & Pacific Union Conferences
9:00am      Main Stage        North Pacific Union Conference
12:00pm    Main Stage        Southern Union Conference
3:00pm      Main Stage        Southwestern Union Conference
3:45pm      Parade              Atlantic Union, Columbia Union & Mid-America Union Conferences
7:00pm      Flag Lowering    Mid-America Union Conference


For more information, contact the Nighttime Program Director, Japhet De Oliveira.

Paper Quilling Honor

Paper Quilling Honor

Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs.

At the 2009 Courage To Stand International Pathfinder Camporee, this new honor was introduced by Judy Amos, from the Georgia-Cumberland Conference.

If your Pathfinder Club is interested in earning this honor, learn more at Pathfinder Pathways.