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Chuck Coyne Named Chairman of the Valuation Advisory Committee for the ESOP Association

Chuck Coyne Image   Empire Valuation Consultants is pleased to announce that Chuck Coyne, ASA, Managing Director, has been appointed to Chairman of the Valuation Advisory Committee (“VAC”) for the ESOP Association effective May 1, 2019.
Chuck Coyne, ASA – Managing Director
West Hartford │ 860.233.6552
Boston │ 617.535.7785

Chuck has been a member of the Valuation Advisory Committee since 2014 and has attended various VAC meetings for more than 25 years. The membership consists of 25 VAC Members, the Chair and eight Associate Members, 16 Emeritus Members, and 11 Past Chairs. The membership primarily consists of valuation consultants from the leading valuation firms throughout the U.S. as well as ESOP trustees, ESOP attorneys, and investment bankers. Chuck will chair his first VAC meeting on May 23, 2019, at the Annual ESOP Conference held in Washington, DC. The committee works with the other advisory committees to assist The ESOP Association's (“TEA”) educational mission, and advise the TEA Board of Directors on the impact of proposed federal law, regulations, and juridical decisions impacting ESOPs.

Chuck is an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) of the American Society of Appraisers. He has over 30 years of professional experience providing financial consulting, business appraisals, ESOP feasibility and transaction consulting, due diligence, and expert witness testimony on business valuation matters. He has assisted over 100 companies in exploring the feasibility of utilizing an ESOP and implementing an ESOP for business succession purposes.

Join us in congratulating Chuck on this great accomplishment!

Empire Valuation Consultants is a national leader in ESOP advisory services. Our professionals have a long and successful track record working with many of the country's leading ESOP attorneys and trustees, providing them with accurate and defensible valuation conclusions that meet all applicable ERISA, Internal Revenue Service, and Department of Labor regulations. Our ESOP advisory team assists clients as they create employee ownership transactions, and works to support either the buy-side or sell-side participants in negotiating a fair, equitable, and sustainable transaction.

Learn more about Chuck and Empire Valuation Consultants at empireval.com.

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