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EOCA Online Conservation Fundraiser Special! EOCA Newsletter

Conservation Fundraiser launches Saturday 27th June

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Get yourself some great outdoor gear AND help raise funds for three of our forest conservation projects in Borneo, France and Spain.  

Welcome to our special Conservation Fundraiser newsletter.

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We are very excited to announce that our online Conservation Fundraiser will launch on Saturday 27th June.  You'll be able to get your favourite outdoor gear AND make a difference, raising money for three vital conservation projects. 

Together with our EOCA members, we are committed to the conservation of the great outdoors, supporting organisations and projects that need our help to protect their local wildlife and habitats.

The funds raised will all support conservation projects, including our three newest projects:

  • Forest restoration in Borneo: planting 18,000 seedlings and maintaining 162 hectares of previously reforested sites. 
  • Forest regeneration in the Ester de Cardós Valley, Spain: maintaining and restoring local forests, opening up grasslands and selective thinning of broad-leaved tree woodlands. 
  • Protection of a 50 hectare area of old growth forest in Auvergne, France: purchasing of land and actively contributing to its preservation and survival for future generations.

Find out more about the projects here.

Information from our member companies involved in the campaign, how they are supporting the fundraiser and what they have on offer for you, is detailed below. 

There is a great mix of gear for you to buy, some of which will be available through our campaign partner, community interest (nonprofit) company, Outdoor Gear for Good, from their newly launched eBay store.  They are, very generously, selling donated products from our members, with 100% the proceeds being donated to the EOCA Conservation Fundraiser.  This will start on Saturday 27th June and run over the next month. (Please note, not all items will be listed at the same time, so please keep checking the new Outdoor Gear for Good eBay store to see what is on offer.  All products are subject to availability.)

There will also be a number of our members selling products through their own websites, with varying contributions being made from their sales to our Conservation Fundraiser.  This will start from Saturday 27th June, with some involved for one day, while others will donate profits from across two or four days of website sales. You can read all the details below.

We are very grateful to all our members who have been able to support and contribute to our campaign, we couldn’t have done this without them.  We really hope you are able to support our Conservation Fundraiser, the three vital projects it will help AND get yourself some great new gear for your next outdoor adventure.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter.  Stay safe and happy shopping!

Tanya, Catherine, Cat and Sharon.


Volunteers Cleaning up a holy lake at 17100ft. EOCA 2019 funded project by Integrated Mountain Initiative.

For the weekend of 27/28th June, has generously offered to donate 10% of ALL online sales to the Conservation Fundraiser.

Not only does have all the clothing and equipment you will ever need for a day in the hills climbing, walking, mountaineering, running....... its staff are also experts in providing adventure travel. They won't just drag you to the top of a mountain, they'll teach you how to climb it on your own.  

Get your favourite outdoor gear AND make a differenceShop at

2. La Sportiva

La Sportiva is very generously supporting the Fundraiser by donating 20% of onlines sales over the weekend of 27/28th June!

La Sportiva has supported EOCA with similar fundraisers over the last three years of Black Friday weekends, so we are extremely grateful for their continued support and it's great to have them involved again. 

If you're looking for some new gear to motivate you back into the hills, then La Sportiva has some fantastic products to kit you out.  From mountaineering, climbing, hiking and mountain running, they've got a great selection of clothing, equipment and accessories.  

Get your favourite outdoor gear AND make a difference.  Shop at La Sportiva.


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For the weekend of 27/28th June, PAJAK has very kindlly offered to donate a fantastic 50% of ALL website sales to our Conservation Fundraiser.

PAJAK is a family owned company that, along with their team, share a passion for outdoor activities and a dedication to create dependable, innovative and technologically advanced outdoor equipment.

The company manufactures its products exclusively in Poland from the finest materials, maintaining full control over every aspect of production: from initial idea, through testing to market-ready product.

The range of great products available on their website includes sleeping bags, offering maximum warmth and minimum weight and pack size, backpacks, clothing and accessories.

Get your favourite outdoor gear AND make a difference. Shop at PAJAK.


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We are delighted to have Stanley involved and supporting our fundraising campaign!  From 28th June to 1st July, Stanley will be donating 15% of proceeds from all sales on its Brand Stores on Amazon’s European stores.

Stanley has been part of countless adventures since 1913.  From work to camping, city life to mountain hikes.

Stanley is committed to sustainability, knowing that the most sustainable products are those that never need to be thrown away or replaced. That’s why the brand has been producing durable and reusable bottles for over 100 years.

Get your favourite outdoor gear AND make a difference.  Shop at Stanley. 

5. VAUDE Sport

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On Saturday 27th June, Vaude will be supporting our conservation projects by generously donating 10% of online sales to our Conservation Fundraiser.

Vaude takes its social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. The company's target is to sustain a world worth living in.

There's loads of great outdoor gear on their website. Clothing, accessories, shoes, backpacks, bike bags, luggage, sleeping bags, tents and more!

Get your favourite outdoor gear AND make a difference.  Shop at Vaude.

Outdoor Gear for Good

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Our campaign partner, community interest (nonprofit) company, Outdoor Gear For Good is contributing a huge amount to our online Conservation Fundraiser.  All of the products kindly donated by our members (below), will be sold through its new Outdoor Gear For Good eBay store, with 100% of sales going to EOCA!

This will launch on Saturday 27th June and continue for the next month.

Outdoor Gear for Good works with many outdoor brands.  Its ethos is to ensure that excess product is reused or properly recycled, instead of going to landfill. The products are sold and all profits given to outdoor charities.

Get your favourite outdoor gear AND make a difference. Shop at Outdoor Gear For Good.


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If you're in need of a new sleeping bag, then CUMULUS has some great products you'll love.  The company have kindly donated a number of their lightweight down sleeping bags for our Fundraiser, perfect for those long awaited camping trips.  

CUMULUS is a Polish company, producing lightweight down sleeping bags, clothes and other accessories.  The firm believes the future, and fun, of outdoor activities is to go 'fast and light'.  Its ongoing goal is to create products as light as possible, whilst retaining durability and the highest quality.

The sleeping bags can be bought from the Outdoor Gear For Good eBay store


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We are very excited to have KEEN involved in the online Conservation Fundraiser.

The footwear company has donated 60 pairs of sandals - women's Clearwaters and men's Newports, perfect for your summer adventures.  

KEEN is renowed for its footwear; making shoes to make a difference.  They call that difference the 'KEEN EFFECT'.  As a company, it focusses on advocacy, conservation, and a conciously created approach.  Striving to leave the world better than they found it.

You can buy your new summer sandals from the Outdoor Gear for Good eBay store.

8. Lowe Alpine UK

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Our friends at Lowe Alpine have very generously donated a large number of outdoor products.  There's a long list of great products to choose from, including packs, beanie hats, and baselayers

Lowe Alpine is an independent backpack specialist, known for creating world-class carry systems for life on the move. The company prides itself in producing quality hard-wearing products that are designed to last.

Alongside innovative product development, Lowe Alpine is constantly looking for ways to increase its positive impact and continue to minimise negative environmental effects.

You can select and buy your favourite Lowe Alpine gear at the Outdoor Gear For Good eBay Store

9. Nikwax Ltd

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Nikwax is offering their support to our Fundraiser by donating over 80 bottles of their fantastic products!  These include footwear cleaning gel, fabric and leather footwear proofer, TX Direct Wash In, Tent and Gear Solar Proof and Wash and Tech Wash/TX Direct Wash In Twin! 

Nikwax is well-known for providing high quality cleaning and waterproofing products for outdoor gear.  Importantly, its products are environmentally safe to use. Nikwax has a strong commitment to low impact products, and caring for the environment, so you can renew, and take care of, your gear whilst also reducing your impact on the planet.

Make sure your outdoor gear is in the best condition, buy some great Nikwax products from the Outdoor Gear for Good eBay store

10. Osprey Europe Ltd

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Are you looking for a new pack?  Osprey has donated some fabulous packs for our Fundraiser, all of which can be bought via the Outdoor Gear For Good eBay store.

Osprey was started back in 1974 and since then has continued with the same pioneering spirit.  Its products are used on the highest mountains to the remotest islands and everywhere in between.

Get yourself a great new Osprey pack from the Outdoor Gear for Good eBay store. 

11. Ternua

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Spanish company, Ternua, has been a committed supporter of EOCA for many years. The company has, again, offered its support, by being involved in our first ever online Conservation Fundraiser.  Ternua has generously donated some fabulous, stylish and colourful down and insulated jackets.  All the jackets contain recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles.  

Ternua has a strong motivation and commitment to achieving sustainable technological innovation.  The company's ethos is that caring for the planet is not an option, it is a priority.

The jackets will be sold by Outdoor Gear for Good, via their eBay store, with 100% of the sales going to our Fundraiser.

12. Trangoworld S.A.

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Trangoworld has very generously donated nearly 150 waterproof and windproof jackets to the Fundraiser.  These include the Verha and Toku style jackets for women and Shela and Zifu for men.

The Trango Towers were the inspiration behind Trangoworld's desire to provide adventure and free-time equipment of the highest performance levels.  The company was started by two nature loving friends, way back in 1928.  Today its extensive range of clothing, footwear and equipment provides the outdoor adventurer with everything they need for mountaineering, climbing, hiking, running and much more!

The jackets will be available to buy from the Outdoor Gear for Good eBay store.

Thank you!

We would like to thank all our members who are involved in the Fundraiser Campaign.  Their help and support is always appreciated, and even more so at a time which is challenging in many ways.

We also want to thank Outdoor Gear for Good for their tremendous support. Their involvement and commitment to the Fundraiser is hugely important and we are very grateful for their ongoing dedication. 

Thank you to everyone who is able to support our first ever online Conservation Fundraiser.  By purchasing some great new outdoor gear, you will help to make a difference and contribute to the onging work with our three forest conservation projects.  

We hope you will enjoy many future adventures while enjoying your great new gear.