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Hurricane Otis Situation Report #2: Acapulco, Mexico

Pastor David had evacuated his family when Hurricane Otis struck. But this evacuation was far from simple:  he had to get out of his home though chest high water with his 3-month old daughter and his 9-year old autistic son.  After the waters receded, Pastor David turned his attention to helping his community and the members of his congregation.  He was so caught up in helping others, he had yet to clean his own home.  But then...our Hope Force team arrived and cleaned out all the mud and debris from his home—despite a lack of running water or electricity.  

Simon Garcia is an elderly man who has been abandoned by his family and is bound to a wheelchair.  As Hurricane Otis made landfall, we was rescued as his home filled wtih 4 feet of water.  Already in a tough spot before the hurricane, he now lost everything he owned.  Our team of Hope Force Reservists met him and cleaned out his house.

These are just two of many examples where our Hope Force Reservists have had the terrible privilige of coming alongside survivors in their deepest need.  We have an incredible team of trained Reservists in Mexico who have been hard at work cleaning out homes that were flooded, removing debris, and preparing and distributing food packets for the survivors in need.  

The road to recovery will be a long one.  Our Reservists in Mexico have been putting the compassionate love of God into action through cleaning out homes and distributing critical supplies.  Please pray for the survivors who, several weeks in, may be feeling forgotten—without hope...and without needed supplies.  Please pray for our Hope Force Reservists who are serving tirelessly, loving people at their moment of deepest need.  

Finally, you can empower our work through your financial gift.  Not all of us can physically respond, but we can partner by equipping and sending others.  Would you please consider giving towards this incredible work?  Your gift will help us continue serving those impacted by Hurricane Otis—offering hope and greatly needed practical assistance!