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BCI's Community Outreach

“Professional athletes have a big influence on their fans, especially the younger generations. So who’s influencing the players? BCI has created a community of shared values among basketball players. They influence players who, in turn, inspire player-to-player. This internal call to accountability is something we need now – more than ever – in this industry.”
- John Hammond, General Manager, Milwaukee Bucks

BCI Leads

BCI Leads is Basketball Club International’s public outreach initiative, providing opportunities for community service and meaningful interaction including hands-on events with fans, kids, and peers. BCI Basketball Plus Camps are an important part of the BCI Leads program. Through these camps and other Leads programs, professional players – who are also followers of Jesus – work to build a global community of positive social and professional influence based on integrity and accountability. Led by our faith, BCI Leads by example.

BCI Basketball Plus: Denver

On June 13 and 14, BCI’s Basketball Plus Camp was hosted in Denver in partnership with Colorado UpLift  whose mission is to build long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth. About 100 kids experienced two days of basketball skills development and personal encouragement. Several parents and guardians also attended our camp, expressing enthusiasm for the way BCI integrates values and “hero” talk into our basketball program. “What a great job you all did with our students. ” said Kevin Byerley, who is on staff with Colorado UpLift.

Anthony Dunn with Crossover Basketball Academy led the on-court instruction, basketball fundamentals, and drills. Also on the court, Tim Jones, Founder of Above and Beyond, Shaun Dunn, and Theresa Gatewood of Community College of Denver. Coach Jason Stewart told us after the camp, “Keep up the high level of professionalism as I think that says a lot about your camp and can be the difference between (BCI’s) Basketball Plus Camp and most other camps.”

Camp Participants, Off-the-Court

Off-court, the kids were energized and challenged with conversation about heroes, character, integrity, and choices led by Jason Stewart of San Diego. Jason has been involved with BCI Basketball Plus Camps since their inception. He continues to keep topics relevant to today’s youth and the obstacles they face while giving them practical tools to apply in their own lives.

Jason’s message was echoed by guest speakers Kyle Speller, PA-announcer, Denver Nuggets; Anthony Carter, NBA; Patrick Mutombo, Assistant Coach, Denver Nuggets, and Ryan Bowen, Assistant Coach, Denver Nuggets. We would like to thank these men for sharing their stories of courage, perseverance, and faith. Their challenge to “visualize a dream, work hard to overcome adversity, and ground your experiences in faith,” resonated with the kids, parents, and staffers alike.

We thank Coach Rudy Carey, and East High School for their involvement, as well as Brandon Ideker and Micah Kohls for providing the BCI Basketball Plus Camp t-shirts for the kids.

Big thanks to all of the volunteers, sponsors, kids, and parents who helped make the BCI Basketball Plus camp in Denver a great success.

Two of the cards we received from the kids in Denver: “Thank you! I really appreciate what you did for us!" –and “Thanks! We had two great days at the camp!”

Please consider supporting Basketball Plus Camps and other BCI outreach programs with a donation at BCIEdge.org/Contribute. If you’d like to volunteer at a Basketball Plus Camp or other BCI outreach event, please contact us.

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BCI Loop

BCI understands the influence that pro players have on fans and kids. We created BCI Loop to serve as a fraternity for professional basketball players, driven by the players and led by BCI Loop Primes: athlete leaders who, without judgment, make themselves available for spiritual and practical support of players “on the path.”

BCI Loop now has a new online home and continues to add new members! Learn more about it and how pro players can “Keep it Real” in a world that often asks them to compromise their values and spiritual lives. If you are a pro player, let’s get in touch!

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