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Message Stick Term 2, Week 9, 2021
Dates for your calendar
Message from our Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Sports news
Music news
Parenting tips
Year 4 Maritime excursion
Bathurst 2021
Student Leaders in action
Write On competition
Section Heading
Giving Day 2021 – Dr John Gawura Scholarship
Take Love Collection - Anglicare Sydney
Blazer Dry Cleaning Service and Uniform Store update
TheirCare Winter holiday program
Winter in the Square
Parent seminar on student wellbeing with Melinda Tankard-Reist
Gawura Doctor - Dr Shuo Zhao
Resources for COVID-19

Message Stick Term 2, Week 9, 2021


What a busy week ahead we have for our Gawura School this week. NAIDOC Week is in the holidays and since we break up every year before NAIDOC Week is on we hold a special NAIDOC Week event at our school in the final week of Term 2. This year’s theme is Heal Country, Heal our Nation and our students have been rehearsing items including 2 Aboriginal dances for all of this term and last term. We hope to see as many of our families as possible this coming Thursday 17/6 in the cathedral from 9:30am. Morning Tea will be served immediately afterwards in the Chapter House.

Speaking of NAIDOC Week if you’re staying in Sydney the team from Souths Cares have invited all students and their families to attend their NAIDOC Week event on Wednesday 30th June from 11am – 3pm at Heffron park Maroubra where you will also meet the Rabbitohs players. Please see insert further into this Message Stick edition.

We have 5 Gawura students attending the Homework Cocurricular group this term and we wish to remind all of our Gawura families in Years 1-6 that the Homework Club is available to them every Monday and Tuesday. If you book and you receive a message saying it is full then please email myself ( or Tony Dunseath ( and I will forward onto Tony who will place your child in this group. The usual cost of the Homework Club is free of charge to our Gawura families.

Those families receiving the One box delivery of fruit and vegetables are advised that this will stop over the upcoming 3 week holiday period. These deliveries will recommence again from the beginning of Term 3.

We wish Peter Brogan and his mum Tina Rae all the very best as they return to live in Darwin after spending the previous 8 years here in Sydney. Tina has helped our school immensely with many Indigenous Literacy Foundation resources and initiatives. Both Peter and Tina will be sadly missed.

Applications for Gawura Kindergarten students starting in 2022 will close on Friday 9th July.

Finally there is much excitement about our upcoming On Country tour to the Indigenous Homelands of Cape York. Students from Years 5-12 will be departing Sydney on Sun 11th July and returning on Saturday 17th July. All information about the immersion can be accessed through the Red Earth portal with the username and password which all attending families have received from me by text message. Please refer to the portal for all flight details, full itinerary and what to bring. 

One of the requirements before departing Sydney is that all students and staff will require to take a COVID test from Wednesday 7thth July. There are many clinics that conduct Covid testing. The Redfern Health Centre located at 103-105 Redfern St, Redfern (next to the AMS) will conduct these tests for our students on Wed 7/7. You will receive your results within 24-36 hours and possibly sooner. Parents are requested to complete the Declaration Form (emailed and given to your child this week from Red Earth) stating your child has had the Covid test and received a negative result. Please return to me via email or send me a photo text of the signed declaration form. Unfortunately any family who does not return the declaration form will not be able to have their child fly out on the Sunday morning 11/7. This is to keep the Indigenous Elders who we will spending our time with in Cape York, safe from any possible spread of COVID. We are very excited to provide this unique opportunity to our Indigenous students.

Have a wonderful and safe mid year holiday.

John Ralph
Head of Gawura




Dates for your calendar


Monday 14 June-Friday 18 June: NAIDOC Week

Wednesday 16 June: Maths Olympiad & Games

Thursday 17 June: Gawura NAIDOC Celebrations

Thursday 17 June-Friday 18 June: Giving Day

Friday 18 June: GALA DAY! (sports uniform). Term 2 concludes

Sunday 11 July-Saturday 17 July: Cape York On Country Tour – Indigenous Homelands of Cape York

Wednesday 14 July: Term 3 commences

Wednesday 14 July, 8am: Winter in the Square

Thursday 22 July: Parent seminar on Student Wellbeing with Melinda Tankard-Reist


Message from our Wellbeing Co-ordinator



Vaping is a topic which many parents would not think relevant to students still in primary school. However, we want to empower parents to be informed and proactive in their roles and unfortunately it is a behaviour that many children see within the community and this can create interest and curiosity. Sadly, vaping is growing in popularity across Australia, especially amongst teenagers and even some tweens. It is the act of inhaling a vapour created by an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette. Many teenagers are experimenting with this risk-taking activity due to the ease of accessing and hiding vapes, as they often look much like highlighter textas.They are often cheaper than conventional cigarettes, making it more cost-effective and attractive to young people.

Although under 18s are not legally allowed to purchase any type of e-cigarette or vaping product in Australia, teenagers are finding ways to access them online. Australia has strict regulations in place for nicotine-containing products, and attempts are being made to regulate vaping and ban the importation of them. Many of the flavoured liquids associated with vaping, contain not only high levels of nicotine, but other potentially harmful additives. Many of these “e-liquids” contain chemicals that are likely to be toxic, that when inhaled or vaped repeatedly, can cause severe damage to the lungs.

Vaping is often marketed as being the “healthy” alternative to smoking. However, doctors strongly advise that if you do not smoke, then you should not start vaping. Most teenagers are unaware of the associated risks and potential impact vaping can have on their development and overall health. Parents are encouraged to discuss the dangers of nicotine addiction and include e-cigarettes in the discussion alongside alcohol and drugs.  Some information for parents that may support this conversation about vaping please go to: Cancer-Council-NSW-Factsheet-e-cigarettes-Sep2020.pdf (

The SchoolTV link below also highlights the facts around vaping and e-cigarettes and the potential risks. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered, and to be educated to the risks of vaping.  If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your special report.

SchoolTV is a SACS P&F funded initiative to support the parents and caregivers of our students.

Bronwyn Wake
Wellbeing Coordinator & Counsellor


Sports news



Congratulations to Leann Bray, Felicity Black, Manning Gavagna and Zachary Rigler for competing at the NSWCIS Cross Country at Eastern Creek. They did an outstanding job representing the school in very challenging conditions – the coldest day in Sydney in 25 years! This carnival includes the best runners from all independent schools in the state and they did us immensely proud.

Our Term 2 Saturday sport has come to a close with Rugby and Netball both having their final games for the term. Rugby will resume next term, however, netball is now done. Congratulations to all players involved in the Year 5 and 6 netball teams. Some were playing their first ever season of netball, but they developed quickly and worked amazingly well as a team. A special thanks to Miss Vanny for so admirably guiding them through the season!

Tony Dunseath
PDHPE Teacher, Head of Cocurricular K-6


Music news


Showcase 2021

Congratulations to all students and staff who were involved in Showcase this year. The Music staff are extremely proud of the performances given by our dedicated and talented students and thank you for your effort and love of performing, sharing your gifts with the community. Mr James Morrison told me at the end of the night that he was not only impressed with the standard and wealth of musical offerings that we presented on Thuraday night, but that it was very clear to him that we all loved what we were doing and wanted to be there doing it. I was particularly pleased to hear someone of his musical pedigree and experience notice these attributes in our students after only one day working with us. I'm sure the concert will be a lifelong memory for everyone involved! Thank you all, and have a well earned rest over the holidays.

Dr Christian Watson
Director of Performing Arts


Showcase was amazing!

Our Junior Choir, Junior Chamber Group and Stage 3 Students were a hit at Showcase. Stage 3 students sang ‘Swing Song’. We are so proud of them for putting in hours of work to make it a perfect performance. Our Junior Choir and Chamber Group performed a stunning rendition of ‘Blue Skies’ alongside the legendary Mr James Morrison. It was a special moment for Zev Mann (trumpet), Tony Wu and Milo Davies (saxophone) to have some solo moments next to Mr Morrison.

Well done to all students involved and thanks to our parents for your support.

Ben Milis
Junor School Music Teacher and Chapel Music Coordinator


Parenting tips


Taming children’s attention

As a children’s technology and development expert, Dr Kirsty Goodwin is a speaker, author and mum. She translates the latest research into practical and digestible information for parents (and teachers) who want peace-of-mind and evidence-based information about dealing with children in the digital age. She has written a blog about tips to tame children’s attention. They make for a good and helpful read for teachers as well as parents.

“Gaining and sustaining students’ attention in today’s classroom is hard. Teachers are increasingly reporting that students (both at a primary and secondary level) are finding it more challenging to manage their attention spans. Technology is one of the chief reasons why today’s students are finding it hard to pay attention in class and at home when undertaking homework. Alerts and notifications can certainly hijack students’ attention and multitasking has huge costs in terms of student learning and wellbeing.

However, the increased prevalence of screens is not the only reason why students’ attention spans are waning- a decline in physical movement levels, underdeveloped vestibular and proprioception systems, poor sleep quality and quantity and an absence of boredom are some of the other contributing factors.

Regardless of the causes for the decline in students’ attention, learning to manage their attention is the most vital skill students need to develop to thrive in the 21st Century. Without the capacity to pay and direct their attention, students will get seduced by the sensory seductions the online world offers- alerts, notifications, videos, sound effects, pop ups will divert students’ attention from learning. This problem is likely to be exacerbated over time, as more and more digital distractions vie for their attention.

Therefore, it’s imperative that teachers and parents help children learn to tame their attention and here are some simple ideas we can implement:

• Green time - the nature restoration theory suggests that time in nature calms down students’ nervous and sensory systems and helps them with self-regulation. Time in nature is slow-paced and calming.

• Mono task – teach students why it’s important to do one task, as opposed to multitasking. Despite what students believe, the brain is incapable of multitasking- even when students think they’re multitasking they’re actually engaging in ‘task switching’ or ‘continuous partial attention’. This constant switching between tasks has cognitive costs- one cost is that their brains release cortisol, the stress hormone, which prohibits neural pathways from forming which in turn, hampers their learning.

• Productivity techniques - Students’ brains aren’t designed to pay attention for long periods of time (a general rule of thumb for sustained, focused attention is the students’ chronological age plus 1, so a 14 year old should be expected pay attention for 15 minutes). Allow students to work for short bursts and then have a rest, reorient their attention and then resume the task at hand.

• Mindfulness - there’s increasing research evidence to support the use of mindfulness techniques to assist learners manage their attention (and also promote general well-being too). It is through mindfulness that students can learn how to orient and direct their attention.

• Breathing techniques - deep breathing, particularly, diaphragmatic (deep stomach) breathing can be a valuable tool to help students control their attention.  Time with digital technologies, especially if the screen content is rapid-fire, distracting or hyper-arousing, can alter students’ physical states.”

I think these are very helpful, practical and simple ideas to assist our children tame their attention.

Joy Rohrlach
Year 5 Leader


Year 4 Maritime excursion


On a fine sunny day, all seventy Year 4 JSGS students ventured down to the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) for an excursion about the First Fleet, some European explorers and their impact on the Indigenous people. We were given a tour of the museum, the HM Bark Endeavour and for some of the groups, they even were given a chance on the HMAS Vampire, a destroyer!

The First Nations Peoples cultures were affected by Captain Cook’s discovery and First Fleet’s settlement. They would have been astonished but also threatened and frustrated by the changes.

Aboard the Endeavour, we got to see the holy stone, toilet paper/frayed rope and the cat o' nine tails. We learnt about the bow, stern, starboard and port, viewed the quarterdeck and heard about the Endeavour’s history as a Whitby collier. Despite not being able to go under the deck of HM Bark Endeavour (due to COVID-19), luckily for us, the ANMM does have a virtual tour on their website.

In History, we have been learning about the European explorers that helped discover and circumnavigate Australia, as well as some of the Pacific Islands. In English, Year 4 is reading a book called ‘The Goat Who Sailed The World’. The book is about a goat who provided milk for the captain and his crew (true story!) and so far, she is having a nice time sailing with Captain Cook.

The HMAS Vampire was an intriguing experience, too, because it showed a ship from a different era. The cabins and decks were technologically advanced. This was another one of the highlights.

Henry Duke and Leon Hoerr 4S, on behalf of Year 4 Students and Teachers


Bathurst 2021


Year 5 headed off to Bathurst in Week 6. Our first stop was Little Hartley where the students enjoyed learning about the judicial system in the colonial days in NSW. They were able to role play several scenarios of trials and enjoyed the experience. Once in Bathurst we visited the Bathurst Museum where primary source objects were able to be explored and investigated. It was a very engaging time. At the Bathurst Goldfields where we stayed, we all enjoyed the magnificent food at every meal. Gold panning was a highlight of the excursion but no one found a nugget! The hands-on experiences there were wonderful. The magnificent viewing of the lunar eclipse in a stunning night sky was a highlight of the trip. Perhaps only to be bettered by the Scenic Railway at Katoomba and then the cable car ride back up the escarpment.

The students’ engagement throughout the entire excursion was excellent and they thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Joy Rohrlach
Year 5 Leader


Student Leaders in action


This term, the SRC and The Junior School leaders have introduced some fun and varied wellbeing activities on the roof before school, as well as during SACS Time on Fridays. These have included ‘Wacky Wednesday’, ‘Thankful Thursday’ and ‘Friendship Friday’.

So far this Term, Ayla Badger (JS Captain), Harper Dance (York House Captain) and Mira Forstner (Hereford House Captain) led the first ‘Wacky Wednesday’ by holding a teacher’s talent show. This featured some great dancing by Miss Nicholls, some soccer skills by Mr Holland and the great string trio: Mrs O’Donnell, Mr Wu and Miss Sze. The teachers were interviewed about how their hobbies required them to show courage and be balanced.

On the next Thursday, Zayne Vaughan (St. Pauls House Captain) and Alexander Lane (Canterbury House Captain) ran ‘Thankful Thursday’. During this they invited several children from the Junior School to share what they are grateful for.

The following Friday, which was a whole lot of fun, was ‘Friendship Friday’. Mrs Bronwyn Wake (JS Counsellor), Lawson Hughes, Ava Birchley-Sharp (JS Drama Captains), and Miss Emily Sze (Student Leadership Coordinator) planned the event. On the roof, before school, Ava read the book, ‘Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley’, while Imogen Loder (JS Vice Captain) and Ayla acted the scenes out. This took lots of courage! On the same day, all classes did an activity during SACS Time where we created a WHOLE SCHOOL friendship chain! Each link in the chain has a student’s name on it, and a few things that make them unique. It takes lots of courage to share what makes you unique. This friendship chain is now on display hanging from the ceiling of the Stage 2 Open Area, next to the Art room.

The latest ‘Wacky Wednesday’ was led by Zachary Rigler (Junior School Captain), Kiran Joshi (Junior School Music Captain) and Milo Davies (Junior School Vice-Captain). They courageously led the assembly and had the whole school engaged in some fantastic jokes, told by some specially chosen Junior School students.

That is the recap of what has been happening in the Junior school with the leaders this Term. We will have a character strengths video to show in the End of Term Awards Assembly, as well as final Thankful Thursday run by Miah Graves (JS Music Captain), and the Art Captains, Ruby Keeton and Barnie Cobb. This will be on the second last day of Term. These wellbeing activities will be continuing to run next Term and we hope everyone has had fun with these new events. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Written by Ava Birchley-Sharp on behalf of the JSGS Student Leadership Team


Write On competition


This Term, 4S has taken a creative leap and was inspired by a picture of a dusky sunset in a rural town, featuring a silhouette of a bicycle and its rider. The top three entries were considered for the Write On competition. Shared here are two pieces that were of stand-out quality: Amy Codrington’s song ‘Wind in my Hair’ and Violet Bloxsom’s short story, ‘Milton’. The piece selected to represent Stage 2 in the state-wide Write On competition was Henry Duke’s, and we wait with abated breath to see how he fares! – Miss Emily Sze

Wind in my hair (song)
As I felt the wind in my hair,
My hair was long and fair.
As I rode down the driveway,
I was as fast as a tiger, a lion too.
Oh, oh, oh
With the wind in my hair I went so far on that little bike of mine,
All the way there to stay,
with the wind my hair going further and further,
with my endless hope, through the endless days,
I got there,
I knew I could get there.
Because with the wind right in my hair,
I escaped that life, with my only way through the lands, with no food or water
But with my bike and my hope I made it.
Past the run-down house and the stale bread,
All in my head.
Past the bumpy bed and the cramped up rooms,
All the way here.
Now that’s all stored up in the attic, in that little bike of mine,
With the wind in my hair,
The endless hope and endless days.
All stored in my bike right now, with the rides of fun, and the rides of joy.
But sometimes I wish I was back there,
With the winds in my hair riding down that to the path of freedom.
Past the life of that run-down house,
With the wind in my hair again,
By Amy Codrington

Year: 1991

“Rachel, clean up your mess,” Kate said sternly.
“No, Miss Bossy Boots,” Rachel smirked. “You don’t tell me what to do.”

Kate huffed but she didn’t scream; she knew Mum would tell Rach off later. Stomping out of the house was Kate who grabbed Tom, and sat down next to the gate that led into the horse paddock. She stroked the little dog; told him all about her terrible school day and how Rach was such a pain in the butt. Tom licked her face, and for the one time that day, Kate smiled. She nodded her head in response to Tom’s invitation, ran off to the shed and pulled out her bike. Kate attached her old picnic basket, for Tom, and placed her squirming pup inside before calling to her parents indicating she was on her bike.

She rode down the sparkling driveway and let her hair free. Kate sighed as her thoughts disappeared. Riding into town, the sun was delightfully warm on her back as it melted her frustration away. As she watched the sun melting into the horizon, silence surrounded her, she felt wonderful!

“Oh no! Cheeky little rock…”  Kate gasped as her bike jolted upwards.

Kate lost control of the bike and fell off; injuring her leg. She panicked, as the day turned to night; surely Mum and Pop would wonder where she was. Kate limped off the road; tugging her bike, heavier than she remembered, over to the rocky, old footpath. Laying her leg out flat to prevent it aching more than it already did, Kate unbuckled Tom, checked him for injury and, at first glance, nothing was wrong. Tom was shaken, obviously, but wasn’t whining (he’d seen worse).

Meanwhile, back at home, dinner was being served.

“Well Kate’s late…” said Mum, frowning; her daughter should’ve been back 15 minutes ago.

“She’ll be back soon,” Dad said reassuringly. David, the eldest child, had a different opinion; he suggested that his sister was having a big ol’ sooky la la because she had scratched her finger.

“Eat your meal!” Mum glared at David. “Rach, go and find your sister.” Mum clearly had had enough.

Panicking after ten minutes of searching in the dusk, nearly jumping out her skin, Rachel rushed over to what looked like her limping sister. Shocked, she grabbed Kate by the arm and helped her move. Rachel placed Tom back in his basket as she slung it over her arm, and guided the bike back home. Head down, looking around helplessly, Kate accepted the help. Although she tried her best to help her sister, Rach insisted that she take care of the rest.

“Kate!” Mum gasped, as she helped her daughter move to the couch. “What happened?” she exclaimed.

‘’I hurt my leg,” Kate explained, overwhelmed, tears in her eyes. Mum inspected Kate’s leg; it turned she had only pulled a muscle (phew!), and dinner – grilled lamb cutlets, sauteed veggies – was served on the velvety comfort of the couch.

P.S. This story’s characters were based on my Mum (Kate), her siblings, and her little dog – Tom – who very sadly had to be put down. R.I.P Tom.
By Violet Bloxsom


Section Heading


Last week, all of Year 2 arrived at school very excited for their first ever school overnight camp, a sleepover and day camp as a transition into the school camp program.

First activity was a trip to Bicentennial Park. We played lots of fun games and even got to make animal shelters in the forest. We climbed up so many stairs to reach the top of the castle. It was so scary at the top. After that, we ate our lunch and then went for a big walk along a boardwalk. We explored the mangroves and learnt lots of interesting facts about them. We gathered in one big group to play on the playground and eat afternoon tea.

We arrived back at school in the afternoon, we collected our sleeping bags and pillows and dropped them off at Level 7 on our way to the roof. We spent the next hour playing games and even had some free time!

We had a yummy dinner on the roof with all our friends. On the menu was roast chicken, potatoes, corn, bread bun and for dessert we had a frozen juice cup!!

When we came back downstairs, we couldn’t believe our eyes, Level 7 had been transformed into a tent city. We popped our pyjamas on and got ready for our popcorn and movie night!

Finally, it was time for bed. We got into groups of 3 or 4 and the teachers showed us where our tents were. Some children fell  asleep straight away, but some children stayed awake a bit longer.

There were lots of very tired children and teachers the next morning. We headed out to the Royal Botanical Gardens for more adventures.

Ms Burrell said that everyone was very well behaved, everyone had so much fun at the Sleepover and that all the students were ready for the Year 3 Camp in Kirrikee in 2022.

Written by 2B (edited by Mrs Pribilovics)

     The not so sleepy Year 2 sleepover!    

Giving Day 2021 – Dr John Gawura Scholarship


Supporting First Nations students through to Year 12

Starting this Thursday at 3pm, we invite you to support our Giving Day 2021 by donating towards the Dr John Gawura Scholarship. Every donation on the day will be doubled thanks to the generous contribution of matching donors. This includes our wonderful Association of Parents & Friends and our Old Andreans Association.

The President of the OAA, Matt Noble (OA2005) said their decision to become matching donors …”reflects the Association’s recognition of Dr John Collier’s service to our school community, as well as our commitment to Gawura and Indigenous education.”

One day to give
17-18 June for 24 hours aiming to raise $240,000. All donations are tax deductible

Six Years to learn
First Nations Secondary Scholarship at St Andrew’s Cathedral School

Lifetime to Share
Sharing a better future

“ I wouldn’t be the woman that I am if I didn’t go to Gawura/St Andrew’s... it has shaped my life, not only in providing quality education, but also I feel I have developed a lot of confidence and self-esteem within myself …  through my PhD research I hope to give back to my community and to make sure First Nations youth have a voice in research and see more Indigenous people thrive and succeed in education and in life in general.” Georgia Durmush (OA2015)

Keep updated during the 24 hours on Facebook including:

• 3pm kickoff
• Live check ins and interviews with staff, donors and volunteers
• Cake cutting and singing of happy birthday by the entire school on Friday morning
• Updates and stories
• Countdown to the 3pm finish on Friday.

To find out more, register for a reminder or donate a little earlier:


Volunteers needed for our Giving Day 2021

Can you be part of our Operations Room for our Dr John Gawura Scholarship campaign? We are asking volunteers to commit to a two-hour shift in our Operations Room on Level 4 in SAH. We need volunteers from 3pm-9pm on Thursday 17 to launch our campaign, and again from 9.30am-3pm on Friday 18 June. If you can only volunteer for an hour or you would like to stay longer, please sign up.

We will run the Operations Room almost like a telethon, with regular updates on the target, lots of food and drinks and plenty of excitement and fun. Can you help? The more volunteers we have the more likely we are to smash our target. To sign up go to :

For more information email


Take Love Collection - Anglicare Sydney


Please donate non-perishable food items


Every six minutes, someone comes to Anglicare looking for immediate assistance. One in every three of these people will have children under the age of sixteen.

This term, the SRC are collecting food donations for Take Love Collection. The Take Love Collection is a youth initiative by Anglicare Sydney, aimed at providing young people with a way to support their community.

We will be collecting non-perishable food items that will be donated to those in need at the end of term. Collections can be dropped off at the Junior School reception or Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom - S636.

Harriet O'Donnell
Junior School Teacher


It’s that time again! The Andrean Writer, Artist and Composer of the Year for 2021 has begun. This year’s theme is a choice between four character strengths (Hopeful, Thinking, Persistent and Caring) – to celebrate our new Character Strength images around the school. Please click the SACSConnect link here for more details. Students have been communicated this through their classes and on Schoology. Competition closes 11 October.


Blazer Dry Cleaning Service and Uniform Store update


Uniform Store

The uniform shop is offering Dry Cleaning of  Students Blazers at the end of every term to families.

This means students can drop them at the shop at the end of term and pick up first day and take the stress away from families.

The cost of the service is free for Gawura families, and Senior and Middle School students can drop off Blazers at the Uniform store between 8am-3.30pm.

For Junior school students, parents can book online through the Uniform Web Shop and the Blazers will get picked up and dropped off to the students classroom.

Term 3 change of Uniform Store openings
Please note starting next term, Term 3 the Uniform Store is changing its days of operations.
The new days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am-3:30pm.
The store will no longer be open Thursdays.



Parents are welcome to join the P&F Executive at the P&F General Meeting.

General meetings are your opportunity to discuss current school activities, school focuses, upcoming school events and future plans with Dr John Collier and the P&F Executive. You will also hear about P&F fundraising initiatives and ways that parents and friends can support the school.

Attending P&F meetings is also a fabulous way of getting to know other parents from the school and to get involved in various events and endeavours.

Event details:
Date:   Tuesday 1 June
Time:   6pm
Venue: The Hub
Bookings: or join online.

For more information and to see  the agenda and previous minutes, visit our website.If you are attending in person please check in using the QR code in the foyer at St Andrew’s House before making your way to Level 4.To comply with COVID-19 restrictions we can welcome a maximum of 50 people in person. If you are unable to attend in person then you can attend online. 


TheirCare Winter holiday program


TheirCare have released their Winter Holiday Program "Full Speed Ahead".

Date: Monday 21 June - Tuesday 13 July

To find out more, click here:


Winter in the Square


Please come and join us for a warming cup of barista-made coffee or tea as we welcome our students and families back to school after the mid-year holidays. Delicious snacks will also be offered. It’s a great opportunity for parents to chat with other parents and even a few staff members.

All parents and friends of the school are welcome, so please come and say hello.
This event is provided for our school community by the P&F and there is no charge.

Date:Wednesday 14 July
Time: 8am -10am
Venue: Sydney Square


Parent seminar on student wellbeing with Melinda Tankard-Reist


All parents and carers are invited to a vital seminar on how we can help our children navigate the hypersexualised culture that surrounds them and avoid the temptations of pornography.

Melinda Tankard-Reist, an expert on building respectful relationships and the effects of pornography, will present the latest research on the impact of this current culture on our children and provide authentic strategies for parents and carers to help support and educate their children on this key area of their development. Questions from the audience will be invited at the end of the presentation.

All SACS parents and carers are encouraged to attend.
Please book your place online


Gawura Doctor - Dr Shuo Zhao


Wednesday and Friday appointments available

I would like to advise you that we have secured the services of a very generous doctor in the city who is willing to see our Gawura students and their families free of charge (he will bulk bill through Medicare) if the need arises.

Dr Shuo (Shore) Zhao is located at Level 1, 70 Pitt St, Sydney. You can book an appointment with him on any Wednesday and Friday morning between 8.00am – 12.00pm. The number of the practice is Ph: 02 9233 3399. We understand that many parents already have their own doctor that they use, possibly even through the Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) in Redfern but this is just another option for you to use if you choose to do so and one that is located in the city, near our school.


Resources for COVID-19


Get connected on our social media

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Visit the Gawura Website:


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