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Want to keep out the heat? Not a problem!

During a heatwave, keeping your home nice and cool can seem like a challenge and a half. A home that is too warm can quickly become uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous. Here are some tips on how to lower the indoor temperature by a few degrees and without an air conditioner.

How do I keep my home nice and cool during summer?
How to protect your window panes against the sun

What are the different alternatives to air conditioners?

As a temperature-control solution, often people think immediately of air conditioning. However, this solution is costly, energy intensive and bad for the environment. The good news is that more affordable and eco-friendly alternatives are available.

View some alternatives to air conditioning

Going on holiday? Don't forget these "energy-saving habits"!

Heading off on your hols? Not so fast! Even when you are away, your home continues to consume energy. So remember to practise these "energy-saving habits" to avoid nasty surprises.

> Pre-holiday "energy-saving habits"

Choosing the right outdoor lighting

Want to bring light to your terrace, the garden and around your home? It's a great way to increase your safety and comfort, and to enjoy the beautiful summer evenings for longer. But what kind of lighting to choose? How can you make it safe? And, above all, how will it affect your energy bill?

Consult our outdoor lighting selection guide

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