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Call it spring fever, also known as, feel better fever.

I just saw some dandelions in my yard this afternoon. May has arrived, the roller coaster winter has passed, can we finally say "hyaaaah!?"

Call it spring fever, some of us have tucked the ski boots, long underwear and winter coats aside for next year. Here's a recent picture of Mt. Abraham from a southern view on the Long Trail. I never tire of the first spring hike, how the air feels on my skin, what I can hear through the mountain trees and how the earth smells sweet again.  Whatever spring & summer activity finds us, this time of year can be a little interesting for our tendons, ligaments, muscles and fascia that are trying their hardest to keep up with our energy levels.  This is exactly why we continue with regular massage therapy appointments :)

The feel better education:

This is one of my favorite profile sketches showing the beautiful design of the shoulder girdle musculature.* It is super important to keep these layers of muscle happy in today's culture of poor postural habits.  We drive, stare at our hands that are gripping our phones and work at our desks all too often.

These muscles rotate our heads so we can see left/right, they hold us up when we attempt push-ups, they depress our lower jaw and do some pretty cool movements for our scapulae (shoulder blades) that tend to get sticky.

Have you ever tried a Shoulder roll? They are perfect self-care movements to master in between massage therapy appointments. Not only do they feel good, but they help keep these layers of muscle free from adhesions. Think of full, slow and exaggerated circles.  Here's a simple 47 second video if you need a visual.  Give it your best shot throughout the day, breathe and repeat.

The feel better deal:

Amy LePage and I are currently offering a "Shoulder Focus" massage & yoga package.  Take advantage of working with the two of us together to see fast improvement, less pain and more flexibility within the shoulder girdle musculature.  Please contact me or Amy for more information about this awesome deal.

Art Walk May 6th!

Please join us Friday May 6th from 4-7pm for this season's Montpelier Alive art walk.  We have art work from Jane Pincus, Roxbury, VT gracing our walls. Enjoy some maple treats as you gaze at her captivating works of art and stories.  Meet Jane and be a part of the downtown fun at 153 Elm St., Suite 1.

Bowling for a cause :)

May 7th will mark the 10 anniversary of The People's Health & Wellness Clinic's annual Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser.  I have a great team, The "feel better bowlers" helping me support this effort!  If you would like to donate to my team please contact me.  Stop by and watch if you wish :)

I look forward to working with you again soon. Enjoy what this season brings and have a wonderful Mother's Day  :)



*Sketch courtesy of Muscolino JE: Muscle & Bone Palpation Manual, St.Louis, 2009, Mosby.