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Our HFI Team House Roof is Damaged: Repair Underway

Since 2009, Hope Force Interational has been commited to serving the wonderful people of McDowell County, West Virginia. Teams from all over the United States have come to participate in the mission of denonstrating God's compassion and commitment to people struggling from the impact of systemic, muti-generational poverty.  This is often expressed by restoring deteriorated homes of the most vulnerable into a dry and safe place to live.  

It is a privilege to serve here in West Virginia, and our team house has been invaluable to the project over the years.  It is hard to even count the number of teams that have stayed in this facility, and it is out of this building that we run all of our projects that make such a big impact in the community.

A number of months ago, our team house took a direct hit by 100mph straight line winds. Several of the hundred-year-old slate shingles were lifted off and broken; many of the ridge caps were lost as well.  We were able to patch the impacted areas with a quick fix, knowing that the roof would need to be replaced soon.  Over the past 18 months, that temporary fix has helped — but the problem has not been remedied.  Unfortunately, we are now experiencing unwanted damage to the interior of the structure.

The second week of August, a team of Hope Force Reservists will be harnessing up and tackling the challenging 9/12 pitch roof.  The old slate shingles will be removed and new architectural shingles will be applied.  New decking, where needed, will be secured — along with proper ice and water shields in vulnerable areas.

As a team or individual who has invested into Hope Force Appalachia, we want to thank you for your partnership over the years!  You know the impact that is made when you enter into this community — loving God and loving our neighbors and friends here in McDowell County.  We want to be able to continue this opportunity so that others can experience the joy of serving here.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  As a church, business, or individual, would you consider making a donation for the repair of the team house roof?  We are in need of $5,000 to help ensure our ability to provide teams with housing — empowering them to carry out the Hope Force mission of loving compassion.  It is our desire to continue to serve those in desperate need of practical and tangible assistance, and longing for a dry, safe home.

Click HERE to donate to our project of repairing the teamhouse!