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Newsletter 9 - 19 May 2017

From The Principal

An amazing day was had by all at our 120th celebrations last Friday. The 12th May is exactly 120 years to the day that the school was officially opened by Acting Premier Mr EH Wittenoom MLC.

We celebrated by playing a variety of old fashioned games and by wearing period costume. Thank you to the CLPs and parents who provided the celebratory cakes that were enjoyed by all. The afternoon celebrations commenced with Kezia George, one of our parents, who performed an Acknowledgement of Country followed by an afternoon of dance courtesy of the Mucky Duck Bush Band.

Thanks to Christian Sprogoe for the celebratory photos which can be viewed HERE. The school was also featured on the front page of the POST newspaper which can be viewed HERE.

As part of our 120 year celebrations we are giving all past and present families the opportunity to purchase a commemorative paver to be laid at the front of the school. Orders close Monday 29 May. Information about how to order a paver can be found HERE.

Some historic information for you:

  • The population in Subiaco 1895 was around 100 with most people living in tents and simple framed houses;
  • In 1896 there were 260 houses and 59 tents in the area;
  • When the school opened in 1897 oil lamps and candles provided lighting-electricity wasn’t installed until 1904;
  • June 17 1897 the school building was gutted by fire- there was no water supply so nothing could be done to control the blaze - damage bill 2000 pounds;
  • Blackened bricks from the fire are still visible at the front of the school;
  • In the early year sewing, cooking and carpentry were compulsory subjects, and seen as being as important as reading, writing and arithmetic;
  • Students carried the water from Tiger’s Well in kerosene buckets, and the girls carted firewood across the paddock from the old woodshed for their home economics lessons.

How times have changed!  More information and photos of the day can be found in the curriculum section of the newsletter.

We Love Our New Kindy Playground

Our kindy children are having a ball climbing, creating and splashing in our new kindy playground which was officially opened this week.
The playground incorporates many different quality play areas designed to inspire children in adventurous, inquisitive and imaginative play. Play is a vital and essential part of a child’s development. It helps children to acquire physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. With balancing and climbing elements, a water feature, new sand and beautiful new trees, this environment will stimulate the children to become confident, creative problem solvers.
The Kindergarten children have loved exploring and playing this week in the new playground. Click HERE for before and after photos.

School Board Meeting

At this week’s Board meeting the final content to the Business Plan was endorsed, the booklist supplier ratified and Melinda Harris gave a presentation on the PATS school wide assessment and how the data is used to inform the teaching and learning program.

Walk to School Safely

Hundreds of parents, students and toddlers braved the elements and took on the challenge to walk to school safely this morning. The first families to arrive, dressed in raincoats and with umbrellas, had made the trek from West Perth and had used the opportunity to discuss road rules and safe crossing options with their children. The walkers from Kindy through to Year 6 enjoyed a healthy breakfast of cheese or bacon buns and fresh fruit. Click HERE for photos

Maths & English ICAS Assessment Forms

Students in Years 4-6 are invited to participate in the 2017 International Competition & Assessment for Schools (ICAS). If your child is in Years 4-6 and you would like him/her to take part in either or both of the ICAS assessments next term you will need to return the form to the front office. A copy of the form can be found HERE.

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Honour Awards

Emily Evans
Raz Sela
Giovanni Douziech
Cody Yarwood
Gisele Borshoff
Tom Wright
Robbie Brace
Aislinn Noby
Sarah Hassanein
James Oakey


Ava Donald
Allegra Jonker
Scarlett Liston
Natalie Jones
Miles Torres
Kumika Nakashima
Adwitiya Ghosh
Scarlett Abbott
Greyson Goddard
Cheyne Yap


Harry Groves
Chloe Bell
Ruby Read
Yuuki Yoshimura
Milan Sreenevasan
Isabella Shymko
Aurora George-Cox
Matthew Rayner
Kelby Taurayi

For Your Diary

Term Planner
Click HERE to view the term planner.

Assembly Timetable Term 2
Week 6, 1/6 - M4, Year 3 Mr Egan
Week 8 15/6 - U5, Year 5 Mrs Males
Week 10, 29/6 - L3 Year 1 Mrs Mitchinson/Maroni

For the complete 2017 Assembly Timetable please click HERE.

School Development Days In 2017
The following School Development days have been ratified by the School Board.
Term 2:     Friday 2 June (Leads into Western Australia Day long weekend).
Term 3:     Monday 17 July – Day 1 of Term 3
Term 4:     Monday 9 October – Day 1 of Term 4

School Development Day Friday 2 June

Children do not attend school on Friday 2 June as it is a school development day.  We are expecting 350 staff from 10 surrounding Shenton Network schools to attend Subiaco Primary on that day for professional learning.  The school development day backs onto the WA Day long weekend.  Children return to school on Tuesday 6 June.

P&C Meeting

Our next P&C Meeting is Monday 22 May at 7.30pm in the library.  Everyone is welcome

Save the Date

The fundraising activity for the Year 3/5 classes this year is the School Disco.
The School Disco is one of the highlights of the year for the kids so it would be great to get as many attending as possible.

Theme: New York Hip Hop
When:  Friday 23rd June 2017
      4:15 pm to 5:45 pm (Junior Disco Years 1 to 3)
      6:15 pm to 7:45 pm (Senior Disco Years 4 to 6)
Where: Shenton Park Community Centre, 240 Onslow Rd Shenton Park.
Cost: $10 includes 2 slices of pizza and water
       (Gluten free and vegetarian options available)
Payment: Consent forms will be coming home with your child shortly so keep an eye out for them. Payment details will be on the form.

Important Notes: This is a student only disco. It is run by the P&C and will be supervised by volunteer parents.

RAC Little Legends Club

The RAC Little Legends Club is a free and exciting new program designed to help children learn all about bicycle, pedestrian and passenger safety. Learning is fun and it's also aligned to the Western Australian curriculum!

Once students join they will receive their very own membership pack and access to great benefits and discounts on heaps of fun stuff! 

To sign up or for more information visit

From the School Psychologist

Dr Christopher Willard is a psychologist and educational consultant, specialising in mindfulness practice with young people. Based in Boston, Dr Willard recently presented workshops in Australian capital cities including Perth.
He has written several books on the subject, his latest book titled, “Growing Up Mindful” (June 2016). I attended his workshop on mindfulness last week and would like to share Five-Finger Breathing, which may be easy for even very young children to learn and use as a tool for focus and self-regulation. I hope you find this useful for yourself and family. Click HERE to view the video.

Lego Wanted

If you have any unwanted LEGO at home we would love to have it to help establish a LEGO Building Club at lunchtime. The LEGO can be dropped off at the front reception area or at the upper block deputy office.


Kindy News
This week we invited Kindergarten mums and special guests into our Kindy to be pampered and spoilt. The weather did not dampen the spirit of the morning with all children and mums thoroughly enjoying spending quality time together. Happy Mother's Day! Click HERE for photos.

Kindergarten children dressed in olden day’s clothes to celebrate Subiaco Primary School turning 120 years old. We discussed similarities and differences between the clothes children wore 120 years ago to now. The children enjoyed playing olden days games such as hoops, quoits, dancing to rhymes and drawing on chalkboards. They were amazed to discover there was no TV or iPads 120 years ago! Click HERE for photos.

L11 PP
As part of the 120th birthday celebrations, L11 Pre-primary children dressed up in olden day clothes and took olden day pictures where no smiling was allowed. Click HERE for some examples.

LP Birthday Celebrations
The LP children thoroughly enjoyed our school’s 120th celebration. We put together a great olden day’s display to give the children the opportunity to compare past and present times. Click HERE for photos.

L10 PP
The school day started with L10 children lined up outside the classroom dressed ready for the school day in their olden day clothes. Mrs Wolfe and Miss Daisy sternly checked the children had clean hands and brushed hair before they walked in an orderly fashion in to their classroom.
Activities involved sitting very still for their cameo artwork, with each child cutting carefully and very quietly. The children were lucky to have a professional photographer take their photos, which were developed using sepia filters. 

As the front of the school is the oldest part L10 enjoyed having their shared fruit sitting under the trees before they used charcoal to do their observational drawing of the front of the school. The children all decorated the cake together before singing Happy Birthday to Subiaco Primary School.  Along with the rest of the school the Pre-Primary children enjoyed the dancing on the oval.

L12 PP
Together with Mrs Gaunt's class the students from L12 spent the morning looking at and discussing the changes to Subiaco Primary School from the past until the present. The students really enjoyed describing the similarities and differences between the clothes which students used to wear in the past to the uniforms which they wear to school today.

As the students have also been learning about olden day toys and games, we set up different areas within the classroom where all students were provided with the opportunity to participate and join in with games and activities such as marbles, knucklebones, balls and cups, chatter boxes and paper cut dolls. All students were also provided with the opportunity to have their photo taken holding onto an olden days item of their choice. They were then encouraged to guess what the item was called and what it could have been used for in the past - it was really interesting to hear some of their answers!  Click HERE for photos.

To remember this special day, both classes walked to the main entrance of the school building where we had a blast posing in our olden day clothes. A big thank you to all parents who helped their children to dress for the occasion and who came down to the oval to join in the Mucky Duck Bush Band dance with us!

And no birthday would be complete without singing the birthday song and celebrating with some yummy cake! A huge thank you to Sarah and Kerry for organising our delicious cupcakes! 

Year 1 L9
This week in Year 1, the children visited the Fremantle Museum and participated in the guided tour Olden Days – School Ways. This excursion consolidated children’s current study of present and past family life within the context of the students’ own world. Students learnt about similarities and differences in school and family life by comparing the present with the past and had the opportunity to engage with school activities and other everyday tasks such as lighting the fireplace and washing clothes. A lovely learning experience was had by all!

Year 1 L3
L3 had great fun dressing up in olden days clothes. Everyone looked fantastic! We had sack races and played pickup sticks, marbles, knuckle bones, skipping and elastic bands. We made necklaces with 120 cheerios and wore them to the bush dance in the afternoon.

Year 1 L6
L6 had a wonderful time taking part in all of Subiaco Primary Schools 120th Birthday celebrations. We dressed up in olden day costumes, acted out what it would be like to be in a classroom in the olden days, played many olden day games out on the oval, threaded a necklace each with 120 Cheerios on it and even celebrated with a cake (thankfully it wasn’t 120 years old!). As much as it was exciting and interesting comparing our school from the past to our school now (the present) we also discussed and drew what we thought Subiaco Primary school might look like in another 120 years (the future). Happy Birthday Subi.

Year 1 L5
L5 certainly enjoyed stepping back in time 120 years to 1897. We became history detectives and hunted for features of our school that gave us clues to its link to the past. Counting and threading 120 Cheerios to make necklaces was a big hit and we were glad that we have such yummy cereal now compared to the past. All the Year Ones went back in time to a real olden days classroom complete with slate boards, inkwells and wooden desks at the Shipwreck Museum in Fremantle. The teacher, Miss Brown was very strict and quite terrifying!

Year 2 L1/L2/M1/M2
The history programme for Year 2 involves comparing the past with the present. Subiaco Primary School’s birthday was a great opportunity to develop the Year 2's understandings. We took photos of our olden day dress, drew pictures of the school and completed a double bubble, comparing the past with the present. Click HERE for photos.

Olden Days Games
Click HERE to view some of the olden days games and activities the junior students participated in.

Happy Birthday Subiaco PS from M3!
We had a fun filled day of playing olden day games, eating birthday cake and enduring lessons with very strict teachers.
The day began with a curtsy or bow to our teachers followed by having our nails inspected. Thankfully everyone passed and no one got the cane! Thank you to Remy’s Dad, Adam, for the yummy birthday cake!

The best thing about Friday was the olden day games - Chloe
I liked the Mucky Duck Bush Band - Zlata
Jumping in the sacks was the best - Raj

Year 3 M4
Our 120 year birthday celebration was awesome. The best parts were dressing up and talking about our costumes, singing God Save the Queen, taking photos, playing olden day games, and the fluffy light birthday cupcakes ( thanks Lesley),  Acknowledgement of Country, and dancing and singing with the Mucky Duck Bush Band. Well, that’s the whole day covered! We loved it all!

Year 3 T1
T1 got together and created a movie to celebrate Subiaco Primary School's 120th birthday. You may view it HERE. We hope you enjoy it.

Year 4 U1
This is Finn's thought on how we celebrated our 120th birthday. 
In the morning there was a big crowd outside the front door but when I saw the sign on the door that said school starts at 8.30, I felt curious.
When we came in our desks were in straight rows.
We were standing behind our desks until our names were called and we had to say present!
Then we had to sing God Save the Queen.
Mr Clancy checked our hair, teeth and hands.
We weren’t allowed to ask questions which caused some confusion.
We could only write with our right hand and we wrote only in running writing.
Mr Clancy was pretending to be strict but he wasn’t really!
Most people were dressed up in olden day dress.
We did some maths, handwriting and spelling. This was fun because I had a little cotton wheel which I pretended was an inkwell.
Then we went outside in one line to play games. Girls first and boys second.
The games we played were marbles, skipping, elastics, knuckle bones, quoits and sack races which was my favourite.
Near the beginning of lunch we ate our cakes, we had a cupcake each and a slice of bigger cake.
After lunch we danced to the Mucky Duck Bush Band but I missed out because I was going to go to Rottnest.

Year 4 U2
Friday 12 May was a marvellous day. It was 120 years since Subiaco Primary School opened in 1897. Although that seems like a long time, we were reminded how long Aboriginal children were learning in this area, before European settlement.
Skipping, jumping, pick up sticks and bush dancing were all fun activities we participated in throughout the day. We recited tables and experienced what it was like to have a really strict teacher, who walked around with a cane!
We all enjoyed the delicious birthday cupcakes kindly baked by Max Wright’s mum. Click HERE for photos and HERE to view our display.

Year 4 U6
Some quotes from the students in U6 about their 120th Birthday celebrations.

I liked the sports we played such as skipping, knucklebones, pickup sticks and more! - Haruki

My favourite part was when the teacher called iPads iPad inventions - Tiana

It was fun. I liked the morning activities, they were exciting and everybody had a laugh -  Nick

My favourite part of Subiaco Primary’s 120th birthday was Ms Mace pretending to be strict as well as the tables lined up in rows and columns like an array and the chocolate and vanilla cakes with sprinkles. Yummy! -  Isabella

My favourite part was having delicious cake. Ms Mace looked really funny but she was so strict, she was really funny - Dariyan

My favourite thing about Subi’s 120th birthday was fitness. We played many sorts of things. Firstly knuckle-bones, marbles, skipping, and tag but an olden day way. My second favourite thing was the Mucky Duck Bush Band. We danced with Issy’s mum, Georgia, Issy, my mum and I. Also the teacher being strict! - Jo-Jo

Year 5 U3
All the students and teachers dressed up in olden days clothes and the students learnt what it was like to live in the late 1900's. The Year 5, U3 class got to play games and were taught about the cane, as well as having a demonstration...  Click HERE to see our class.

Year 5 U5
U5 went back in time to experience the school life of 120 years ago.
Students experienced the activities of a classroom from 120 years ago.
The students used chalk to write a letter to their mothers about school life and how much they loved them and practised chanting the time table.
Here are a couple of examples of the letters created by the students:

Dear mum You are the greatest mum to ever live.
I am so lucky to have a mum like you.
Being in an olden day school is really hard. Writing with chalk is really hard I wish I was back home with you.
Mrs Males was waving the cane around it was scary.  I miss your cooking at home. They check your nails and your hair and even your shoes. Save me!

Love Maddison.

Dear mum you are the greatest mum ever!
I love your cooking. We are learning about school in the olden days.  Our teacher Mrs Males was checking our nails and shoes.  She has a cane and is waving it around.  It was scary. We had to write with chalk like in Vietnam. It’s not easy to write in chalk.  We also had to sing God save the Queen. Take me home please, it’s horrible SOS!

I love you Emily.

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