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Coach Mom Newsletter - Nov 2011

Adoption Awareness

In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month and specifically Orphan Sunday, celebrated by thousands of churches across the globe on November 6, I want to introduce you to my good friends Paul and Becky Daily. They personally understand God’s great love for the orphan, and the love of an adoptive mother and father.  As you read what Paul shares about his family, I think your heart will be touched.

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Daily Family Matters: Adoption

We know that we are a conspicuous family. We know people look at us and point. We are different: we have 5 boys -- two adopted from South Korea, and one with special needs. But families come in all shapes in sizes. It's not DNA that makes a family - and nowhere does it state in the Bible that families must look alike (As I tell my boys, I don't look anything like their mother.) And it's a joy and privilege to see how my "Daily boys" love each other, cheer each other on, and are each other's best friends. It's amazing to see how God can put a family together. It's not what I expected when I married Becky. I never dreamed we would have 5 children and still want more, but God moves in mysterious ways.

When we adopted Tucker and Cade, I learned the love of an adoptive father - to love a child not of my blood, but of my heart; to love a child that didn't immediately love me back; to love a child that was chosen to be part of my family. As I stood in front of the judge the day we finalized their adoption, the judge asked me, "Will you love this child forever? Because what you are doing is irrevocable." I realized that yes, I will love this child forever.

The same goes with God's love. His love for me is irrevocable and He promises to love me forever. It's been over six years since we started our adoption journey. I can honestly tell you when I look at my family, I see my boys. I do not see the color of the skin or their eyes, I do not see what makes each one different, but I see what makes us all one. We are FAMILY. They are my Daily boys.

A July 2008 post from Paul’s blog, http://thelifeoftitus.blogspot.com:

Tucker is 4

Happy Birthday Tucker!

For the last 2 months, you have been telling everyone that you will be 4 on July 8. Well, today is the day. It's hard to believe the tiny precious bundle we fell in love with half a world away 4 years ago is getting so big. Of all the boys, you put the "spice" into our family. Your antics, fearlessness, athletic ability, and mischievousness always keep us on our toes.

Our prayer today is that you continue to grow in God's plan, continue to learn obedience and self-control, and continue loving life as you do today.

You are our first adopted son - and you have opened our eyes to so many aspects of God's love. When I look in those deep brown eyes of yours, I see my son. When I hear you call my name, I know you know the safety, comfort, and love of your father. When I see you snuggled with your mom, I see the deep love a mother has for her son and a son has for his mom.

But along with the fun of the day, our hearts also go out to your birth mother. Her grief was our joy, her sorrow was our happiness, her loss was our gain. But most of all, her courage in giving you life and choosing a life plan that was best for you shows her selfless heart. We pray for her today that she will have comfort and peace in knowing you have a wonderful life.

Have a wonderful day Tucker Toes!

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We need to adopt ...

"We need to adopt an orphan," said 10-year old Micah. Find out what happened next in Brenna's latest blog post: www.brennastull.wordpress.com.

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More on Adoption

I realized at the start that whether a child is biological or adopted, one does not know all the ingredients in the package. That is what growth is all about. A child is the slowest flower in the world, opening petal by petal, revealing the developing personality within.

Robert Klose, Adoptive parent

Heartfelt testimonies from friends whose lives have been impacted by adoption: http://vimeo.com/31226289

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