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Autumn Group Show at Annanart

FlipBook Catalogue for Annanart Autumn Group

5 - 20 October 2013 You are most welcome to join us for the Preview  on Friday 4 October 6-8pm. The flipbook catalogue for this show is now online and, as we hang the new work received, we are excited by the quality and contrasts in the paintings of our three artists ...

- Marion Drummond, Georgie McMaster and Gordon Wilson.

Marion Drummond, Backstage

Marion Drummond, Iris

Marion Drummond, Hydrangeas

Marion Drummond, Sunflowers and Silver

Georgina McMaster, You Talkin to Me?

Georgina McMaster, Stag Weekend

Gordon Wilson, Skye Crofts

Gordon Wilson, Port Bound Beltie

Featured artist - Dawnne McGeachy, How Waves Work

2-10 November. Annan Gallery features the work of Dawnne, the  winner of the prestigious Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards 2013 prize.  Her preoccupation with the sea and her professional approach to studio practice will be evidenced in this pilot for a solo show at Annanart next spring.

Dawnne explains “Growing up on the Kintyre peninsula, I was obsessed by the scale of the ocean, its physicality, poetry, and my father’s voyages on it to catch fish. I loved his tales of the stars on a clear night and their use in navigation. However, the flip-side of this was being awoken as a child by terrifying wind and rain, knowing that my dad was out there in a 45ft skiff. I was aware of what the sea gave but also acutely aware of what it was capable of taking away.”

studio work in progress

Winter Show

16 November - 31 December  Mixed work, paintings and sculpture  from our gallery artists to banish the Winter blues.

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