How peanuts can benefit seniors and other special interest groups
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elderly bearded man scooping peanut butter out of a jar with a knife NUTRITION NEWS
Why different demographics should pick peanuts
At this year's Dietitians of Canada conference, we received lots of questions around this topic. You asked, so we're answering!

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little kid reaching into a container of shelled peanuts ALLERGY UPDATE
Most siblings of food-allergic children won't develop the same food allergy
New research out of the Ann & Robet H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago looks at the prevelance of food allergies in younger siblings when the older one is affected.

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woman taking a photo on her phone of a salad CONSUMER INSIGHTS
FaceTime, not face time, around the dinner table
The newest guest at the family dinner table: our electronic devices. Find out which generation was the worst offender - you might be surprised!

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Ministerial inquiry finds little to no evidence of risk to food-allergic air travellers

In the spring edition of our newsletter, we talked about facts and myths surrounds peanut allergies on planes. A new report from the Canadian Transportation Agency recently found that there is little or no risk of anaphylaxis due to inhalation of, or contact with, peanut allergens while on commercial flights. The report also makes recommendations for effective risk mitigation. For the full report, visit the Canadian Transportation Agency website.


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