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December 2013

Latest members' report: Emerging trends

Emerging trends

In the Members' report 4/2013, the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies focuses on seven trends that are emerging or ‘under development’ – and points to changes in how we live, make decisions, consume, work, and produce.

You can choose to ignore these trends, or you can use them as a backdrop for your strategy work. The first choice is the easiest; the second is the most sensible.

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Are doctors becoming obsolete?

SCENARIO magazine

Today, medical doctors are highly respected knowledge workers whom we trust with our lives and our health.

Becoming a doctor has through history been a safe career choice for people with the skill and nerve for the job. This, however, may soon change. Technologies that one way or the other do the doctor’s work are turning up everywhere. We must ask ourselves the question: are doctors becoming obsolete?

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Understanding new ways of working and its implications for your workplace

Book a presentation with the report’s lead author, Jeffrey Saunders

Increasingly, global competition, the war for talents, the introduction of new technologies, and the greater focus on sustainability are changing how companies plan for and develop their workplace strategies and the services required to support them.

CIFS in collaboration with ISS World Services has produced a new white book on the workplace of the future. The study identified 8 strategic challenges that organizations must address to remain successful in the future and models for developing a workplace strategy that matches an organization’s strategic needs, brand, culture, and existing workplace.


Book a presentation with the report’s lead author, Jeffrey Saunders

Construction in Europe 2013-2016

Top-notch analysis and detailed forecasts of construction in 19 European construction markets in the next years, with great analysis and documentation and unrivaled, comprehensive tables of forecast in all 19 countries for a large number of sub-sectors in construction.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is Danish distributor of the EUROCONSTRUCT report (from the Prague conference 28-29 November 2013) with detailed forecasts of European construction 2013-2016.

Contact Anders Bjerre on abj@cifs.dk for more information.

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