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Political developments in Sudan continue at a dizzying speed. Five days after Omar al-Bashir was forced to step down, the country’s future still hangs in the balance. What’s become clear is that the transition from military to civilian rule won’t be smooth. Willow Berridge explains why it’s crucial that all parties - including the country’s rebels - be involved in negotiations and that professionals and political forces stay united to avoid mistakes of the past.

Martial eagles - Africa’s largest eagles - are declining rapidly. One of the reasons that’s been mooted is that they are suffering from a reduction in available prey. But, until now, little has been known about what they eat. Vincent Naude and Arjun Amar explain how they pieced together a more solid picture. They used pictures taken by ordinary people which had been uploaded online.

Moina Spooner

Commissioning Editor: East Africa

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Leader of Sudan’s transitional council, Lieutenant General Abdel-Fattah Burhan. EPA-EFE/STRINGER

Sudan can avoid past mistakes by drawing lessons from its history

Willow Berridge, Newcastle University

There are concerns that the transition to civilian rule in Sudan won't be smooth.

Google Images have revealed valuable data on what Africa’s largest eagle preys on. Shutterstock

How Google images helped us pin down the diet of Africa’s largest eagle

Vincent Naude, University of Cape Town; Arjun Amar, University of Cape Town

Scientists now have a better understanding of what martial eagles eat. This is valuable for the conservation of this endangered species.

Politics + Society

Web of hate is rooted in putting all Muslims in one category

Moha Ennaji, Université Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah

Some Muslims hide their identity, pretending to be less devout than they actually are, in a bid to deflect Islamophobia.

Foreign policy priorities South Africa should pursue

John J Stremlau, University of the Witwatersrand

Three urgent issues at the interplay of foreign and domestic affairs will be of strategic long-term importance to South Africa and Africa.

Science + Technology

Data, statistics and hydrology can reveal key truths about Lake Chad

Frederi G. Viens, Michigan State University

Scientists are trying to figure out what risks changes in Lake Chad's levels pose to people in the region.

New technique helps identify which ancient rocks were used for cooking

Silje Evjenth Bentsen, University of Bergen

Researchers can more easily compare heated rocks from different studies and areas.

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Game of Thrones was about the horror of fossil fuels all along

Alf Hornborg, Lund University

Human civilisation is threatened by long-dead organisms, whether as White Walkers or petrol.

Game of Thrones: dangerous world where LGBTQ characters die young or rot in jail

Stephen M Hornby, University of Salford

For all its queer characters, Westeros is a gender binary world.

En français

Pourquoi historiennes et historiens s’intéressent-ils à « Game of Thrones » ?

Christian-Georges Schwentzel, Université de Lorraine

« Game of Thrones » n’est pas du tout une reconstitution historique du passé, mais suscite pourtant un très vif intérêt de la part des historiennes et des historiens.

Au musée d’Orsay, les modèles noirs sortent de l’ombre

Erick Cakpo, Université de Lorraine

Les raisons qui ont conduit à représenter les sujets noirs dans la peinture sont multiples et diverses, et jamais dénuées de sens.


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