JUNE 2015

Our first Consumer Participation Meeting

On the 29th of April we held our first consumer participation group meeting! This was a chance for consumers to meet clinic staff and researchers and discuss what is working in clinic, what isn't, and to talk about our research.

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What’s happening in the Type 1 Diabetes Clinics?

Hear about the Diabetes WA Rockstar Camp that was held at Point Walter in January.

We also take a look at Calorie Counting apps for your smart phone.

Also, a message from the Type 1 Diabetes clinic regarding pump uploads.

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What's happening in our research?

We are currently looking for participants for our new studies looking at:
• Stress and diabetes 
• Ways of preventing hypo's caused by exercise
• How blood glucose levels alter eye tracking movement

We are also testing the new generation insulin pumps in type 1 diabetes management.

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Ask The Team

We explain why you might hear about all of our exciting research, but may never have the opportunity to participate.

In addition, we have a guide to show you how much exercise it takes to burn off the calories you've consumed.

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What's happening in National and International Research?

Advanced Technology and Treatment for Diabetes Conference Update.

Sunlight linked to obesity and diabetes.

JDRF report features research from Perth.  

Blood Glucose Sensor Tattoos.

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Kids and Families

Read about how Ciara and team won Gold for WA at the National U15 Girls Indoor Hockey Championships!

Jessica tells us in her own words about sailing and what it means to her.

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Your Community

New Pilbara support group for people with Type 1 Diabetes and their families.

Open Garden Fundraising raises money.

Thank you to the PMH Foundation for the research team's new equipment.

Support the PMH Foundation with the Entertainment Book.

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Want to participate?

Join our group!

We are looking for volunteers to form consumer and community participation groups. Our vision is for the community to help us with feedback on proposed activities and research within the diabetes and endocrinology department, that may affect you directly or indirectly.

Email Heather.Roby@health.wa.gov.au for more information.


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