Storms make trees take deeper roots
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“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

– Winston Churchill
Illustration by Jaime robles

Planting seeds

I must have the opposite of a green thumb. Did you know you can overwater plants?


Spring is arriving in our neck of the woods and it has us thinking about planting seeds. It’s an activity for optimists. We look at a seed and feel the cool shade that tree will one day provide. We know everything big and beautiful starts as something small.


Maybe our work doesn’t require a green thumb and instead of trees, we’re growing code bases, people, or communities. Still, each requires energy, nurturing, and pruning too. The rewards reaped later will be worth the effort, even if it’s years or generations in the future.


What kinds of seeds have you planted recently? Share with us how you nurture their growth. Whether it’s certain tools you love to use, conferences you are planning on attending, or something you are just really excited about, we want to hear about it! 


Lynn Fisher

Building bridges: A simple framework for sustainable growth

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The bots are here

We’re in a season of planting seeds and last week we launched To some, bots are old news, but read why we are passionate about making software a tool to make people’s lives better and how bot apps allow us to do so.




What tools are you really into? What conferences are you attending? As always, your responses shape the next dispatch.