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Newsletter 12 - 30 June 2017

From The Principal

It has been a highly productive and positive Term Two with students involved in breadth and depth of learning.  This term we celebrated our 120th Birthday, participated in a Walk to School and healthy breakfast, had lots of fun at the Hip Hop disco and were actively involved in a 4 week drama/improvisation in residence program. The curriculum section of the newsletter highlights a number of lunchtimes clubs we have on offer at our school.
Our children are engaged, supported and have fun in their learning. 
Louise Turner, who teaches Art on Thursday is going on maternity leave at the end of this term. We look forward to hearing about the arrival of her baby early next term. A big thank you, congratulations and best wishes go to Jessica Bessell, Winifred Howe, Maddison Gibbons and Sarah Petite who have successfully completed their final 10 week teaching practice at Subiaco Primary. The students and teachers loved sharing their classrooms and the school day with them. I would like to wish all students a happy and safe holiday. School resumes Tuesday 17 July for students.

Di Badge is Retiring

Di Badge, our well respected and much loved Art teacher retires at the end of the term. Di has been teaching at Subiaco Primary since 2010 and her career with the Education Department has spanned over 40 years. Di has an incredible work ethic, is a teacher of the highest calibre and I feel privileged to have worked with her over the last 6 years. I know you all join with me in wishing Di health and happiness throughout the next chapter of her life.

Student Academic Reports

The first semester reports went home with your child on Tuesday. Please take the opportunity to make an appointment with the class teacher to discuss your child’s progress or clarify information provided, should you wish to do so. Alternatively, class teachers may have requested an interview on the report itself.

Hip Hop Disco

Everyone had a fabulous time at last week’s disco. Thank you to the Year 3 & 5 CLPs and organising committee Tracy Sherrington, Frances Reed, Nicole Ranson, Kirstin McGregor, Christian Sprogue, Inge Cooper, Melissa Tarnowy, Kristen Carter , Jessica Evans, Mel Gilchrist, Stacey Spencer, Susannah Palmer, Claire Oberg, Sally Noakes, Simone Janney, Joanne Seale,  Jeff Philips, Kerri Auld, Emma Oakey and Andrew McGregor for all the work they did to make the night a big success

Parent Morning Tea

This week we had a morning tea with parents whose children have been enrolled at our school over the last 12 months and come from overseas.

It was an opportunity to discuss how the children have settled into our school and what we can do to continue to promote inclusion.

Modcrosse A Victorious in Interschool Winter Carnival

Thank you to the staff and parents who worked throughout the term to prepare and train our Year 5 and 6 students for the big event yesterday. The weather was terrific and it was great to see some parents cheering on our teams throughout the day. A huge congratulations to the Modcrosse A team who won the final and the Modcrosse B team who were runners up.

Kindergarten Applications for 2018

Children can apply for Kindergarten if they are born from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014.  For more information on Kindergarten enrolments contact the front office on 9381 5078.  Kindergarten applications close at 3.00pm on Friday 21 July 2017.

Dress Code

It is important that all children adhere to the school dress code. We are seeing an increasing number of junior students, throughout the school, wearing different coloured jumpers, beanies and tights. The uniform shop is stocked with girls’ tights, long pants and fleecy zip jackets. All parents are encouraged to visit the uniform shop or complete an online order to ensure all children are in full school uniform.

Uniform Shop News

The Uniform Shop is excited to announce that over the Winter period (commencing Week 2 of Term 3), our school will be completing a three month trial with RagTagd, a young start-up company that helps parents find lost property at school. Finally a way to help locate your child’s missing jacket!

How it works
Whenever your Smart Tagged garment reaches the lost property area, you will be notified via an automated SMS (text message) letting you know that it’s there – making retrieval quick and easy.  In fact, collection is so simple that 90% of families using RagTagd at other schools retrieve their lost property within a day of receiving an SMS.

How parents can take part
1) Free Smart Tags will be available (Term 3) from the uniform shop to sew into jackets you already own.

2) Activate your Smart Tag, by sending an SMS of your phone number, to ensure you receive notifications.

3) If notified, arrange collection of item from the lost property area.

What others say
RagTagd is up and running at 70 large schools in NSW and QLD

View a Channel 10 clip of RagTagd’s impact in Sydney at

Did you know…?

Smart Tags are completely safe, like the credit card in your pocket.
Smart Tags can be re-registered for second-hand sales and hand-me-downs
To find out more!

5 Cent Challenge - SJG Fundraiser

For the past two weeks all the classes from Kindy - Yr 6 have been involved in the 5 Cent Challenge. Each class was given a jar and the children were encouraged to collect as many 5c coins as they could to fill the jar.
And the winner was … U2!  Congratulations to Mrs Reger and all the students in U2, who raised a huge $104.80. 
Mrs Reger and the U2 students have each won a FREE Yoghurt with toppings from our friends at Verde Brio.
Well done to all classes for participating and in total we raised a massive $1107.75!
We will be sending new hats and drink bottles to the students at La Grange Community School in Bidyadanga.
Thank you Verde Brio for supporting our fundraising event and donating the prize for the winning class.

Honour Awards

Ivy-Rose Perrot
Jessica Lacey
William Bos
Allegra Fotheringham
Danbi Lee
Charlotte Anderson
Isaac Passage
Dheeraj Karthikeyan
Ciaran Doyle


Keefen Wilson
Jack Bennett
Malakai Mitchell
Taim Naser
Chi Phan
Zander Herd
Jake Baker
Lilla Gautreau
Benjamin Christiansen


Rajdeep Notay
Cara Piller
Asha Easterbrook
Evie Martin
Isaac Spencer
Lovina Annereau
Amy Zhao
Gigi Binnie
Lydia Parker


Congratulations to Angie Suizu in Year 2 L1 as her entry Greta the Talking Cat was one of the top ten artworks in the lower primary category entry in the Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists and has been chosen for this year’s award exhibition.The City of Subiaco received 1235 entries in the award. Angie’s artwork will be displayed in the Shaun Tan Award exhibition at Subiaco Library from Monday 10 July until Sunday 6 August. Visitors to the library can vote for their favourite artwork in the People’s Choice Award, which will be announced on Thursday 27 July.

Leaver's Shirts

The Year 6 students look fantastic in their Leaver’s Shirts which can be worn every Friday.

Site Works July Holidays

For the duration of the July school holidays (Mon 3 July - Sun 16 July) the whole school site will be shut down to allow for some major works to take place. A metre wide open trench, for pipes and cabling, will run from the front of the school, through the car park, down to and across the school oval.

All external gates will be locked and additional internal fencing will be erected. The oval, car parks, buildings and playgrounds, including the Blackies, will not be available to staff, school families, the general community and the Subiaco Farmer’s Market for the duration of the works. McCorkell, the building company, will be monitoring the site, erect fencing and post signage.

The SCC will continue to run a holiday program from the L11 Pre Primary site off Hamersley Road.

For Your Diary

Term Planner
Click HERE to view the term planner.

Term 3 commences on Tuesday 17 July for students

Assembly Timetable 
For the complete 2017 Assembly Timetable please click HERE.

School Development Days In 2017
The following School Development days have been ratified by the School Board.
Term 3:     Monday 17 July – Day 1 of Term 3
Term 4:     Monday 9 October – Day 1 of Term 4

Term 3 Sporting Dates
School Cross Country August 4
Interschool Cross Country August 18
School Athletics Carnival September 8

Interschool Athletics Carnival
Day 1 Mon 18 September Karriynup Primary School (Throws, 400m/800m, Long Jump)
Day 2 Wed 20 September McLean Oval Floreat (Sprints & Team Games)

RAC Little Legends Club

The RAC Little Legends Club is a free and exciting new program designed to help children learn all about bicycle, pedestrian and passenger safety. Learning is fun and it's also aligned to the Western Australian curriculum!

Once students join they will receive their very own membership pack and access to great benefits and discounts on heaps of fun stuff! 

To sign up or for more information visit

Subiaco Primary Parent Night Out

Chess Club

The Chess Club will recommence in Term 3 on Friday 21 July, in the library, from 7.30am till 8.30am. The club has a large membership so unfortunately no new members can be taken in Term 3.

Please put your form and payment of $90, ($80 each if more than 1 child), cheques made payable to Jack South in an envelope marked Chess Club with child’s name and school. Payment to be made on the first club day. Jack South, Chess For Life 
Ph 92711006. Email Click HERE for the enrolment form.


Coding Computer Club
Well over 20 children have been involved in the Computer Club learning how to problem solving in Bloxorz. The aim of the game is to navigate the block into a hole.

Lego Club
Lego club has been running this term in the lower hall on Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime. The school has purchased some lego and thanks to the generosity of some very kind family donations we have plenty of lego to share. It has been fabulous to watch new friendships develop through a shared love of construction and creativity. Who knew problem solving, lateral thinking, critical thinking, interpreting and communicating shared plans could be such great fun? Click HERE for photos.

Writer’s Club
The Writers' Club is a lunch time writing program that fosters creative thinking and writing skills in a fun and interactive club-like atmosphere. As characters are the central element in all stories, our focus this week was on building vivid and believable characters. Firstly, we listened to a story and then used our imaginations to create interesting and believable character profiles. 

Lunch Time Fun
At lunchtimes the children have opportunities to be creative by building cubbies, have fun and get fit hula hooping or concentrate playing table tennis. To see photos click HERE.

Art Club 
The Year 6 girls have been collaborating on an Art project as part of the lunchtime art club.

First Aid Club
Here is some the feedback from the students who attended First Aid Club this term:
I loved the weeks of First Aid.  I liked it when we learnt about stings and bites.  I want to do it again next term! - Olivia
I learnt how to do the recovery position.  It is fun learning how to help people in need - Sophia
I leant many things about first aid like fractures, DRABC, stings, bites and many things.  Jim
I liked doing the bandaging and splints and I loved doing the recovery position
 - Willa

Kindy Farm Incursion
Last week Farmer Richard brought his farm animals to Kindy. There were squeals of delight and much language as the children fed the lambs, tickled the piglet, held the guinea pigs and balanced chickens on their heads. Click HERE for photos.

Drama and Improvisation in Residence
It was fabulous to have parents take part in the final Drama and Improvisation session this week. Through the program the children learnt to say yes, build upon ideas, practise positive story building and risk taking, all whilst having a lot of fun. Click HERE for photos.

Robin Hood and The Babes in The Woods
Last Tuesday the students from U7 & U8 attended a play at Shenton College.
The show was really well presented and every member of the cast engaged with the play. We felt that everyone in the audience, including us, enjoyed the play enormously. The costumes were spectacular and had a lot of pizazz! As the Years 7-11 students performed, we realized how much time and effort they had put into this amazing perormance. Over all it was an extraordinary opportunity for the Year 6s and we are so lucky to have been there to experience it - Ava and Kyah (Year 6, U8)

Subi’s Agents of Change!

We are a group of Year 5 and 6 students, who want to make the world a better place, starting with our own community. We spent this term planning and carrying out acts of service, individually and as a group. We brainstormed needs we saw in the local community, came up with a range of possible project we could do each term and then put it in motion!  This term we decided to make gifts to give our neighbours.  The aim was to meet more households on our streets and through these new friendships create a safer, more trusting and caring neighbourhood.  We made bookmarks and biscuits to give as gifts, practised our communication and listening skills and role played some conversations, then spent an afternoon in small groups visiting our neighbours.  Everyone was so happy to receive our gifts, and we felt really glad to be able to give this service.  We learnt that even little acts of service can make a difference to someone else. We’ve also started building our mental ‘toolbox’ of skills and attitudes we can use to help each other – friendliness, joyfulness, listening, mindfulness and confidence.

Next term our project is to visit the children at PMH.

If you are in Year 5/6 and would like to join us we meet every Wednesday 3.20-4.45pm in the art room! Please contact year 6 parent Shanthi Golestani for more information or to register for Term 3 ( or ph: 0412 221 453). The group is supervised by the Baha'is of Subiaco.

My child is really happy being in the group, she plans her other activities around Wednesdays to make sure she doesn’t miss it! – Barbara (parent)

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Carpark safety

For the safety of all children please do not pull into the school driveway and reverse out. There could be children walking behind your car. During school hours the car park is not a drop off or pick up area.


Updating School Records
If your address, telephone number or email address has changed, please contact the school office.

Student Absences
Please be aware that a note of explanation is required for all student absences.

The final newsletter for this term will be sent on Friday 30 June. Hard copies are available at the front office or can be viewed on our website at

Arrival at school
Please try to ensure that students do not arrive at school prior to 8.30am as no teacher supervision is in place. Students arriving before 8.30am are reminded of the need to assemble, with bags, on the stairs outside the staff room, until dismissed at 8.30am. Thank you for your support. 

E News

Paddock to Plate Minus The Plastic - Waste Free Talk and Tour
Want to reduce your plastic use? We’ve all seen the alarming images of plastics clogging our oceans – much of which is single-use. But what can we do about it?

Join us on Saturday 1 July for an interactive waste free shopping tour of the Subiaco Farmers Market to see how to shop from paddock to plate without the pesky plastic. We will also hear from local zero waste champion Lindsay Miles to discover her secrets to plastic free living.
(Plastic free) morning tea provided.

This event is presented by The City of Subiaco and Plastic Free July with support from Subiaco Farmers Markets and Subiaco Primary School. For more information on Plastic Free July please visit

Community News

Subiaco Mobile Dental Van
Our emergency cover whilst we are closed for the holidays
Week one: Tuart Hill Dental Therapy Ph:93441585
Week two:  Roseworth  Dental Therapy Ph:93424557
The Mobile re-opens 17/07/2017 (Monday) and we are still at Nedlands Primary School till 27/07/2017

Click HERE to check out the Community News for local news, information and events including school holiday activities.

Subi Farmers Market

Click HERE for the latest Farmers market newsletter, HERE for their website and HERE for the Market's Facebook page