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NZBN has replaced your company number in the RRF

You may have noticed that the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) has replaced the Companies Number in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF). The NZBN is recorded in your client record where your Company Number previously was. It is your unique business identifier for use in New Zealand and internationally.

To search a client record in the RRF, simply enter the NZBN in the ‘Search Client’ screen. If you have multiple client records in the RRF you can find these in one search when your NZBN is recorded.

Read more information about NZBN.

Scammer targets RSM radio users and licence holders on social media

RSM has been made aware that a scammer is using a Facebook account claiming to work for Radio Spectrum Management and asking for personal information from licence holders and radio users.

Radio Spectrum Management would never contact radio users or licence holders on social media asking for their personal and financial details, IRD numbers or password.  In this case, personal information and meetings have been requested.

If you think you have encountered this scam please use the Scamwatch portal on the Consumer Protection website to submit a report or call 0508 RSM INFO (0508 776 463).

Read more about phishing scams and how to handle them.

Applications received for managed spectrum park licences

Applications have been received for licences for radio spectrum in the 2.5 GHz Managed Spectrum Park band.  Potential uses for this spectrum include wireless broadband services.

Parties interested in utilising this spectrum are able to apply for access. This triggers a notification process, allowing other interested parties to come forward. Applicants with overlapping proposals are then encouraged to develop a sharing agreement.  If no agreement is reached applicants are eliminated successively by ballot.

Applications have been received by the Crown Spectrum Asset Manager from:

  • Enhanced Solutions Ltd, for licences with coverage in parts of the Whanganui and Rangitikei District TLA areas; and
  • Velocity Net Ltd, for licences with additional coverage in parts of the Southland, Invercargill and Gore District Council TLA areas.

Read more about these applications for managed spectrum park licences in Notice 54.