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IPC Apex

Nikko Rack

Nikko-Rack magazine is vertically rigid, ESD-safe, High heat resistant, and has a pinion system for Quick width adjustments. Nikko-Rack was developed from The combination of our knowledge of material development, mechanical design and injection molding technology.

  Nix Rack

Power Cyclone 3D

POWER CYCLONE 3D is a printed board cleaner which it remove dust and particles attached to PCB surface. POWER CYCLONE 3D is the only solution to the customer seeking “Zero Defects” and assures the quality control.

Label Feeder Cassette

Label feeder cassette fits easily onto existing placement machines and presents the labels to the pic-and-place machines as if they were just another component. The Label Feeder approach is faster and more accurate than hand placement: Labels are placed at the normal machine rate and as accurately as normal components.


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