What does Micah Network do?

This question evolved from one of our members who was wrestling with the reality that organisations have to be able to choose wisely which networks, alliances and coalitions to join and participate in.

Our International Board met in January to reflect on this question, drawing from the feedback sent in by you all (thanks). We asked what role / niche does Micah Network play / have? Is this still needed and relevant and if yes, then how can we be more effective?

We distilled four distinctive attributes that Micah Network has:

1) Global Network: Micah Network brings together Christians from around the world, enabling a platform for consultation, shared learning, and greater cooperation, ensuring equality in representation.

2) Integration of theology and practice is all our conversations, consultations and workshops, and throughout our resources.

3) Integral Discipleship: prioritising the authenticity of our shared passion for integral mission, we demonstrate this through our lifestyle, shared learning and holding to the centrality of Christ which impacts all we say and do.

4) Inclusivity: our membership is open to Christian aid and mission organisations, colleges / seminaries and local churches, as well as associate membership with alliances and networks and individuals. Bringing together initiatives in such a way as to enable and enhance greater understanding, shared vision and an integrated response to community transformation.

We seek to enhance these four distinct attributes together through three aims:

1) Facilitation and enabling of conversations and consultations:
a. At a global level – drawing on the richness of wealth of experiences from around the world
b. At regional and national levels – focusing on contextual and thematic issues of concern.
Ideally, where we have three or more members per country we want to encourage national integral mission conversations at least once a year. Members who would like this to happen and are ready to work together to enable this should contact the Micah Network Secretariat.

2) Being a catalyst for an integral mission approach:
a. Enabling teaching and learning on integral mission
b. Encouraging and promoting missional approaches
c. Tackling identified key issues of concern (for example: gender based violence, healing ethnic wounds / reconciliation / conflict)

3) Networking: information provision and enabling shared learning
a. Newsletters and prayer focus mailings
b. Research and resource sharing
c. Information sharing
d. Administration of network

So, to answer the question “what does Micah Network do?” we (meaning us – the members and the staff) are enablers, bridge builders, and together we address the what does integral mission really look like operationally in the various contexts we live and work in?” In order to do this well we need to be both biblically literate and practically skilled, learning to discern and trace the finger of God in out-of-the-box, sometimes in non-programmatic ways (thanks Melba Maggay for this insight), focusing on holistic transformation. As much as we try to demonstrate measurable outcomes from our activities, the fruit of creating an enabling environment is seen in a flourishing of inspired Christians, communities and organisations that whole heartedly live out an integral mission approach both in their own communities and in communities they serve. This evidence is hard to collect as it means members writing their stories of change, sharing case studies of transformation and greater cooperation between initiatives (local churches, colleges, missions and aid organisations)

Of course the strength of any network is directly linked to the engagement of members within it. So as we start this new year may I encourage you all to take full advantage of being in Micah Network and let’s inspire and be a catalyst for change together in your nation, your region, our world.

Grace and peace

Sheryl Haw
International Director

Up and Coming Meetings: March-April

1) 'Talitha Koumi' - Becoming the leader God wants you to be
Date: 9th March 2013

Location: Teddington, United Kingdom

About this Meeting: A day of new friends, enriching conversations, inspiring journeys. Another step to becoming the leader God is asking you to be. A core part of Tearfund's work has for decades, involved empowering and working with women in a range of leadership roles. Now we feel it's time to explore together how we can personally practice what we preach! Speaker will be Rev Dr Kate Coleman, founder and co-director of Next Leadership, Chair of the Evangelical Alliance Council, (formerly president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain 2006/7), and an associate pastor.

Facilitator: Tearfund UK

For more information and registration see here

2) Business as Mission (BAM): Global Congress on Business as Mission
Dates: 25th to 28th April 2013

Location: Chaing Mai, Thailand

About this Congress: The Global Congress on Business as Mission, BAM, will be a unique gathering of leaders and practitioners from all continents. The Congress is the culmination of a yearlong think tank process engaging hundreds people from all over the world, addressing key strategic issues related to Business as Mission. Over 30 national, regional and international working groups will present cutting edge BAM practices and models and bring strategic recommendations during the Congress.

Facilitated by: BAM Global Think Tank (Houghton Wan who facilitated the Business as Mission workshop at Micah Network’s Global Consultation recommends this to us.)

More information and Registration: see here

3) Leadership Consultation
Dates: 29th April to 3rd May 2013

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

About this Consultation: Topics to be covered are:
• Understanding Mission in Buddhist Contexts:
• Presentation by the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand of their plan for Church Growth in Thailand
• The new challenges of Myanmar
• Business as Mission (Speaker : Mats Tunehag)
• Mission in Islamic Contexts (Speaker : John Becker of Vision 5:9)
• Combating Human Trafficking (Speaker: Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag)
• Visits to local mission programs

Facilitated by: Faith2Share

More information can be found through contacting Faith2Share: or e-mail  Mark Oxbrow: mark.oxbrow@faith2share.net

4) Possessing the Kingdom: A Call to Truth and Love – Global Forum 2013
Dates: 10th to 15th March 2013

Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

About this Global Forum: Every two years DNA (Disciple Nations Alliance) meet together to inspire and challenge one another on how to continue working together to, envisioning how best to tackle the future.

Facilitators: Disciple Nations Alliance

For more information and to register see here

5) Integral Mission Conversation
Date: 9th March 2013

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

About this Conversation: A gathering of interested leaders in Cape Province to explore approaches to integral mission.

Note: preparation for this is still in processing as we try make the most of also being present for the Micah Challenge Coordinators meeting (6th to 8th March)

Facilitators: Micah Network

More information will posted to members in South Africa shortly.

6) IJM Global Prayer Gathering
Dates: 5th to 7th April 2013

Location: Washington DC, USA

About this Gathering: International Justice Mission invites us to come together to hear news fresh from the frontlines and pray for justice on behalf of the oppressed.

Facilitator: IJM (International Justice Mission)

For more information and to register see here

Meetings: May onwards

7) Politics and the Kingdom of God Gathering
Dates: 27th to 31st May 2013

Location: Kampala, Uganda

About this Gathering: Every year Amahoro Africa gathers to provide a place of mutual learning for African and non-African leaders involved in innovative ministries that build disciple-making communities with an emphasis on justice and mercy. Partnerships are created and ideas shared to edify all participants through the conference, field trips and on-going mission together.

Facilitators: Amahoro Africa

For more information and to register see here

8) Regional School of Reconciliation
Dates: 5th to 31st May 2013

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

About this School: Regional School of Reconciliation for Ministers , Church Leaders and individuals working in the area of Reconciliation (NGOs).

Facilitators: Mercy Ministries

For more information see:  www.lerucher.com or e-mail: glregion@lerucher.org

9) Francophone Consultation:  Integral Mission and the Local Community
Dates: 29th July to 2nd August 2013

Location: Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire

About this Consultation: A Francophone meeting was held during the Micah Network Global Consultation in Switzerland (September 2012) and it was agreed that the learning gained at the Global Consultation along with key issues of concern in Francophone Africa should be shared in a regional consultation this year.

Facilitators: Micah Network

The flyer and further information will soon be available on the Micah Network website. Please hold dates in your diary for this important Consultation.

10) Integral Mission and Disaster Management Consultation
Dates: September 2013 (exact dates still to be finalised)

Location: Philippines

About this Consultation: having experienced some major disasters in Asia over the last years, there is much learning to share, approaches to be considered and understanding to be gained in the area of emergency response, disaster risk reduction and how the local church can play an integral part.

Co-Facilitation: Micah Network, Wheaton College Humanitarian Disaster Institure, PCEC, ISACC

More information and how to register will be available on the Micah Network web site shortly – please.

11) Call2Compassion and Justice Conference
Dates: 4th to 8th November 2013

Location: Mumbai, India

About this Conference:  Call2Compassion and Justice is a five-day conference in Mumbai, which has at its core the connection between the Great Commission and the Great Command to love one another that is at the heart of compassion and the pursuit of justice.

Facilitators: Call2All

For more information and Registration see here.

12) International School of Reconciliation
Dates: 26th January to the 28th February 2014

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

More information: Micah Network highly recommends this training and notes that the subsequent healing ethnic wounds workshops held by those who participated in the 2012 school have had amazing impact.

For more information see:  www.lerucher.com or e-mail: glregion@lerucher.org

9 a Day – becoming more like Jesus

Christlikeness, or simply becoming like Jesus, is God’s purpose for every follower of Jesus.  Langham Partnership (UK and Ireland) has launched the 9-a-day initiative to encourage that growth and transformation. (see video)

We become more like Jesus as we hear and obey God’s Word and cultivate the nine-fold fruit of God’s Spirit. Langham Partnership strengthens the ministry of God’s Word worldwide by training and resourcing pastors and leaders who preach and teach the Bible so that their churches grow in maturity and Christlikeness.

Event Information

Please do send in notices of national or regional events being held by you or others you feel the network would benefit from. Send information to: events@micahnetwork.org

Global Health – What’s Happening?

Dates to note: why note use these dates as ways to join in on raising awareness and playing your part in addressing these issues?

World TB Day: 24th March 2013
World Health Day: 7th April 2013
World Malaria Day: 25th April 2013
World Immunisation Week: 24th to 30th April 2013
World Blood Donor Day: 14th June 2013
World Hepatitis Day: 28th July 2013
World AIDs Day: 1st December 2013

Resources to Draw from:

1) Maternal Mortality Reduction Program: Assistant Training – Trainer & Participant handbook – English. Download here

2) CHW training materials – facilitation, nutrition and malnutrition, family planning, preventing mother to child transmission of HIV – in a variety of languages. Download here.

Using Micah Network’s Web Site

Each member has a username and password to facilitate their logging onto the member sections and news of the Micah Network web site. Once logged in a number of extra information resources become available:

1) Discussions on the forums
2) Latest resource postings
3) Information o speakers and consultants
4) Access to The Network database, allowing you to search out other members working in the same country, other countries, similar fields.

Do join in on the discussions in the forums, share information and link up with members. If you do not have your log in details write to: info@micahnetwork.org

Vacancy Notice

CEO SERVE Afghanistan: this position is being advertised see here.

Books to Consider

The Theatre of Relief and Development: A Manual for disciples of Jesus by Frank Mojo.

See more information at: www.divhumcomp.org/en/

Micah Network has a number of books still for sale after our Global Consultation, as well as the much appreciated CD / DVD Devotional called Retreat. Information on what is available will be posted on our web site under Resources – please do browse.

Prayer Focus

Are you receiving our weekly prayer focus? If not and you would like to please e-mail: prayer@micahnetwork.org. Each month there is a devotion / reflection which van be shared at home groups and staff devotions. Want to write one for us to share with the network? Let us know.

Membership 2013

It is that time of the year – please do send in your annual membership contributions. Each contribution helps us to meet our mutual expectations. For more information download the 2013 guideline.