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Bite size news

Facebook hashtags have been the talk of the town this month - #areyouafan?

More news in Facebook, you're now able to reply to posts with a crafty photo or witty meme, comments just got sexier.

Instagram are following Twitter's lead introducing a video upload service. Selfies are looking a whole lot more complicated.

Tween envy

Did you know that Nickelodeon's trademark slime concoction is a mystery more closely guarded than the Colonel' s secret recipe? Or that Nick hold the Guinness World Record for 'Most People Slimed Simultaneously'? At least one of these gems is true. 

Nick is promising kids and families the 'slime of their life' on 27 September when SLIMEFEST returns for the second year. Taking place at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre, two shows are scheduled for 11am and 6pm and pre-sale tickets are up for grabs now via Ticketek.

Australia's first 'just-for-kids music event, SLIMEFEST will be headlined by US boy band Big Time Rush and our very own Guy Sebastian, with more artists soon to be announced.

Klick has never wanted to be a tween again so badly.

I have too many outfit options, said no one ever

Do you ever dread planning what to wear...or feel like your wardrobe lacks substance? Maybe it's time to work with the professionals.

Kelly Smythe is a fashion stylist to some of Australia's stars including Megan Gale and Miranda Kerr, as well as using her skills when it comes to re-imagining your wardrobe.

Kelly says, “a person’s wardrobe says a lot about them, it gives me a terrific insight into where they see themselves fashion wise. As soon as I sit down with someone and cast an eye over their wardrobe I am already envisioning great new looks through their eyes."

Excited yet? You can check out what the KS Team are up to on Facebook or make a direct booking 02 9363 1507.

BOQ Announces News (and suprisingly loveable) rebrand

BOQ have come out with bold new branding – It’s possible to love a bank. That’s right ‘love’ and ‘bank’ in the same sentence…

BOQ sees its new tagline as the start of a journey to challenge people’s perceptions of banking while remaining true to its fundamental values of keeping relationships at the heart of everything it does.

This is certainly an ambitious statement for a financial institution but the team at BOQ are committed to changing things on the inside and out and becoming the most loved bank in Australia.

Marriott Australia Named Best of the Best

Working at Klick is a pretty sweet deal. We know we have a great team, a comfortable office, exciting projects and some pretty exceptional partners, but sometimes it's an even sweeter deal when these partners are also recognised for the awesome work that they do.

This month Marriott Australia has become the first hospitality company to be named 'Best of the Best' at Aon Hewitt's Best Employers awards. A well deserved appointment, we're stoked to be working with a company that is so committed to its Associates.