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Merry Christmas

All the team at Hivemind would like to wish you and your families a happy and healthy Christmas.

We look forward to catching up with you in 2016 and hope it is a great year for you.

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Reminder about alerts function

The simple joy of a good brood pattern and gentle bees

Just so you don't have to interrupt Christmas dinner to go check on your hive data, remember you can set up auto alerts to let you know, via e-mail and/or text message, as soon as the system detects the weight is over, or under a limit you set. Or that the temperature is over or under a limit, and if the hub battery is low.

You can do all this on the "Edit Hub details" page, e.g. on the right, which you can get to by clicking the "Edit details" button under the hub name.

Don't forget to click "Update details" to save your settings.

On this page you can also now choose metric or imperial units for weights and temperature, and turn the baseline feature on or off. The baseline is a horizontal line on the chart to show you where the weight started from so you can easily check the weight change over time. Pushing the scale button 3 times (to reconnect with the hub) sets a new baseline.

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Beehives as elephant fences

For many of you mites and small beetles cause plenty of damage, but for some farmers in Africa and Asia they have to deal with slightly larger pests.

We came across this fantastic and novel project recently using beehives as fences to ward off elephants from farmers crops:


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