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Changing The World Through Food Entrepreneurship - Eater
Our own Danielle Gould writes about why we need to lower the barriers to success for food entrepreneurs, and how we plan to do it.

Ag & AgTech Funding, M&A & Partnerships: August 2014
$1.79 billion was pumped into ag and agtech in August, Singapore's gov't announced a $63 million fund for farmers and Village Capital launched an ag accelerator.

Forage’s Meal-Kit Business Model & Tips For Fundraising
Forage cofounder and subscription box pioneer Emily LaFave chats with us about her startup's innovative meal-kit meets restaurant model, her lessons learned and her advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

Swedish Hackathon Tackles the Future of Sustainable Food
Entrepreneurs, technologists, designers and students convened to hack the future of sustainable food at Hack för Maten. 

5 Tips for Hiring Freelance Web Talent for Your Startup
Looking for web freelancers for your food startup? This roundup of best practices is a must-read.

Hack//Dining Winner Updates, Packaged Food Industry to Reach $2.4T in 2014 + More
From a breakdown of the best city to start a food company to an inside look at the supermarket of the future, these are last week’s top food tech news stories.

Startup Resources

U.S. FDA 2014 Food Safety Challenge - FDA
The innovation challenge aims to crowdsource solutions revolutionize foodborne pathogen detection. Winners will be awared up to $420k.

Good Food Business Accelerator to join 1871 - Chicago Tribune
The Chicago-based Good Food Business Accelerator just launched to gets farm and food businesses ready for prime time. Its accepting applications now. 

The Demons Of On-Demand - TechCrunch
Are today’s on-demand services about catering to the lazy rich, or are they about a new way to book services from local providers?


How OpenTable and Cover Want to Change the Way We Pay for Dinner - Eater
Eater Data Lead Ryan Sutton looks at facts, figures, and data of mobile restaurant payments. 

Bringing Tablets To Restaurant Tables Nationwide Nets E la Carte $35 Million - TechCrunch
Intel Capital and Romulus Capital led the round. Funds will go to additional sales and marketing and product development.

Zomato Acquires Polish Restaurant Discovery Portal Gastronauci - Techcircle
The acquisition sum is undisclosed. Zomato and Gastronauci will work on rolling out an integrated product in the coming months.

Meet the Virtual Cafeteria Startup Bringing Pop-Up Lunches to Boston Offices - Bostino
This Chicago-based startup brings the best local restaurants to the inside of busy workplaces.

New Food Delivery Service TableRunner Wants to Be Your Personal Chef - San Francisco Business Times
For $70 a week customers get already-cooked meals delivered to their doorstep every Monday.

Sustainability When Eating Out: A Q&A with a Food Service Industry Visionary - Hartman Group
Wasserman on how consumers view sustainability, how it affects where they go out to eat and how their preferences affect restaurants.


$1M For Cookies Made From … Crickets? Tim Ferriss Thinks These Will Jump Into Our Diets - VentureBeat
Exo raised a round led by Collaborative Fund, and Tim Ferriss was a part of an AngelList syndicate round. 

French Startup Launches First Ever MSC Baby Food with Cod Product - undercurrentnews
MSC label means the seafood comes from fisheries that respect fish stocks and marine ecosystems.

Tastier, Healthier, And Animal-Free: Can Ethan Brown Reinvent Meat? - FastCo.Design
Beyond Meat wasnt to change the world, one protein fiber at a time.


This Is What Your Grocery Store Will Look Like In 2065 - FastCo.Exist
A pop-up project in New York City next summer will offer one vision of how the future of bodegas is nothing at all like the present.

Club W Raises $9.5 Million To Appeal To Wine Lovers, Not Snobs - Wall Street Journal
Bessemer Venture Partners led the investment. The startup will use the funds to grow its e-commerce wine business in the U.S.

Whole Foods Is Making 6 Changes To Improve Business - Business Insider
From integrating with Apple Pay and Instacart to its new mobile app, here's how Whole Foods is making changes to lure back customers.

Instant Farmers' Market: Startup Aims to Renew Food System with Direct Sales - Theguardian
By reconnecting people with their food, Azoti hopes to improve diets and revitalize agriculture. 

Online Grocery Stores Mushroom Across India - Forbes
The challenges of selling groceries online remain, but some players are using different business models and tech to overcome them.

Online Grocery Shopping on the Rise - Food Navigator
The number of Europeans ordering groceries online has increased 60% over the past five years, according to a new report.


Hacked Photosynthesis Could Boost Crop Yields - Scientific American
An algal enzyme is found to speed up the rate at which plants make food

Dirt Cheap? Investors Are Plowing Into Farmland, Here's Why - Forbes
One of the most interesting investments to catch wealthy families and institution's fancy recently is farmland. Here's why. 

Grow More Food with Less Water? There's an App for That - theguardian
With nearly 3 billion people already facing water scarcity, farmers look to both tech and tradition for ways to grow more food. 

Monsanto Woos Mommy Bloggers - Modern Farmer
It hired P.R. firm Fleishman Hillard to help reposition the self-described “sustainable agriculture company,” currently mired in controversy for its genetically modified seeds. 

American Farmers Are Growing Old, With Spiraling Costs Keeping Out Young - National Geographic
The nation's farmers are 17 years older than the average American worker.

What You Need to Know About the Robots that Feed Humanity - endgadget
In Iowa, there's a 3,000-acre farm that uses machines to accomplish most tasks, from seeding to chemical application.


Can't cook? This Smart SAUCEPAN Could Turn You Into a Pro! - Mail Online
Called SmartyPans, the pots feature sensors that sync with a smartphone app and reveal cooking time, weight and pan heat. 

This Robot Tastes Better Than A Wine Critic - TechCrunch
Researchers in Denmark have created an artificial tongue to find out whether expensive wine actually tastes better than the cheap stuff.

Charles Spence: the Food Scientist Changing the Way We Eat - The Guardian
An Oxford professor’s research into what affects flavour has influenced food-industry giants and top chefs alike.


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