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Equipping for the Future

In a community that is built around education, graduations become a part of the yearly calendar. It is easy to get into the cycle and seasons of the schools and forget what we are celebrating. Graduations however should be celebrated! This is a milestone not only for those who are moving on but also for the community that has worked toward this goal. We should celebrate graduates. We should celebrate parents. We should celebrate teachers. This is something the whole community has been involved in, yes we should celebrate! more

by Ben Martin, Pastor of Youth Ministries


Feature Announcement

RMES Annual Garage Sale

June 26 - July 1, and July 3

Volunteers and donations needed. Please bring your donations to the Ruth Murdoch school gymnasium starting May 29. Donated items may include clothing, shoes, books, toys, kitchenware, arts and crafts, lawn care, furniture, appliances, and much more! For questions call 269.471.3220.


Feature Announcement

Compassion 10 Million

Women's Ministries invites you to be part of the North American Division's, "Compassion 10 Million," which is an opportunity for each local church to be involved in mission by becoming the eyes, heart, hands and feet of Jesus outside the walls of our homes and churches.


Church Offering

This Sabbath, May 28, the church offering goes to fund the work in Michigan.

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