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Training Update: New Legal Courses for Children's Social Workers

“As a social worker with no court experience it provided full insight into what I can expect at court, from what to wear to how to address the Judge. Even going through the history and background of law helped refresh my knowledge and understanding of the differences between court at different levels. Highly recommended for social workers without any previous experience. Above all that, it has reduced my fear of court and provided sound advice on writing statements

- SW Wirral BC

Are you a social worker or newly qualified social worker, in children’s social care? Do you have a good understanding of family law and/or do you need to give evidence in the Family Courts or prepare court reports?

If so, our new legal courses for social workers will help increase your knowledge and skills in this area

Family Law and the Legal System

This is a 1-day course designed to provide social workers,  newly qualified or those with some experience but wishing to improve their range of knowledge of the family justice system, with a good working knowledge of all the different aspects of family law as well as the legal system of England and Wales. The course adheres to the requirements set out in the Department for Education’s “Post Qualifying standard: knowledge and skills statement for child and family practitioners” (KSS) and within the Professional Capabilities Framework of the British Association of Social Workers.

Court Skills for Social Workers

This 2-day, practical course is designed for give social workers, including newly qualified social workers, with insight into the legal system together with the skills and confidence to give evidence in court. The course will enable delegates to produce concise, accurate and compelling written evidence and give guidance as to how to present that evidence to best effect in the courtroom. The second day of the course enables delegates to practise giving oral evidence in a formal setting and to be cross examined by our experienced barrister-trainer.

“Fantastic knowledge and understanding by the trainer. I have managed to gain an in-depth knowledge of court work”

-SW LB Islington

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