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This Will Never Be A Children's Story!

Now the country’s boisterously divided—not only between political parties and candidates this presidential election season—but water cooler conversations reveal a nation divided as well over the videotaped encounter of a 17-year-old male lowland gorilla and a three-year-old boy. By now you’ve heard the story retold a hundred times (make that 101 now). An unidentified boy with his mother and a group of children were visiting the Cincinnati Zoo last week, when the youngster pulled away from his mother, climbed into the gorilla enclosure, slipped on the edge and fell ten feet into the moat. Whereupon Harambe, the popular 450 pound gorilla, appeared to attack the boy, tossing and dragging him across the moat (watch the CNN report). Moments later zoo officials made the decision to shoot and kill the endangered gorilla in order to save the child. more


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Hope Trending: A crash course on how to live without fear

The Information Age has forever rewritten the way we think and the language in which we communicate. Hope Trending: A crash course on how to live without fear will take you on a journey leading you to a life filled with purpose, meaning, and hope. Mark your calendars now for this October 14-22.

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Feature Announcement

H2O Fit Class

Want to get fit this summer? Join this FREE new class with certified group fitness instructor, Kathy Koudele. Open to everyone 18+ years old. Email to register (space is limited).

June 7 to July 28, 7:30 - 8:15 AM
Location: Andrews University Pool
Contact: Kathy Koudele |


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This Sabbath, June 4, the church offering goes to PMC Operating Expense.