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In this Issue read all about:

  • Bp Premier’s new release Jade out soon
  • Free Masterclass for Jade
  • Bp Allied News - Version 7 coming
  • Hosted Server Migration work for Bp VIP.net and VIP Gold
  • VIP Gold News
  • Hints and Tips from Bp's Sales Team
  • Bp VIP.net Tips and Tricks
  • Bp Learning News
  • Lorraine at Wild Summit
  • Bp featured at Queensland Parliament House
  • Bp Summit Update

Bp Premier Jade being released soon!

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Our new release of Bp Premier – Jade – will be launched soon, with lots of Clinical and Management improvements that will benefit Practices.

Clinical Improvements

  • Improved BMI calculators - Clinicians have access to BMI calculators for patients older than 2 years old including a percentile chart for children and teenagers. The previous Percentile Charts have been updated and enhanced to meet national recommendations.
  • Asthma Care improvements - Asthma-related enhancements include updating the Asthma Action plan and Symptom sheet, along with a spirometry compliance check. 
  • My Health Record feature improvements - As patients now have the ability to opt out of and/or delete their My Health Record, their status will be regularly checked and the My Health Record button in the patient record will be deactivated if detected.

Management improvements

  • Improved appointment information - Practice Managers and Administrative Staff can now view valuable patient appointment information from the Follow Up Inbox including location, patient name (if you include family members), type, length and other options.
  • Multi-location improvements - Practices that operate across locations can create customised location layouts. In the word processor, you can now create location letterheads and include location specific information such as ABN and address fields. The Location ABN information will display on invoices and receipts. Text from PDF documents can now be copied and pasted into the word processor, as well.
  • ePIP reporting improvements - To assist with ePIP reporting, the Shared Health Summary report identifies the location of the clinician where it was uploaded. 
  • CommBank Health Claim- Provides integrated Easy Claim and Overseas Student Claiming capabilities for Commonwealth Bank customers.

Bp Premier customers will be able to upgrade to Jade directly from the Best Practice website. Keep a lookout for the Elevate notification.

Free Masterclasses for Jade

For Australian users of Bp Premier

It’s very exciting here at Best Practice with the imminent release of Jade. Pretty hard to imagine we could top the excitement levels of the Indigo Sp1 release, but this one promises to not only inspire, but to lay the foundations for the highly anticipated Best Health App, which will be released after Jade.

The Jade release is jam packed with features, including Whitecoat for Commbank health claims, the Bp Partner Network, and many clinical and management enhancements.

So you can make the most of these, and all the other new features of Bp Premier’s Jade release, we’re happy to offer our free Bp Masterclass series to you.

Our Masterclasses start on Tuesday 9th July and will run at various times until Thursday 11th July For more information, or to register your spot, click here.

Bp Allied News

For all users of Bp Allied

Bp Allied Version 7 is coming!

Here is a sneak peek of what’s coming up in the next big version of Bp Allied, due to be released in the coming weeks

  • Online Appointment Bookings - we are providing the functionality for you to connect to Online Appointment vendors, with the ability for your clients to book appointments online and have them appear in Bp Allied for confirmation.
  • Physitrack integration - we’ve partnered with Physitrack to give you access to video-based physical prescriptions and education information, which can be sent straight to your client’s computer or smartphone. Great for Physios, Exercise Physiologists + more
  • Appointment book groupings – you’ll be able to group practitioner calendars, by location or speciality or however suits!
  • Referrals – we’re expanding the functionality to include indefinite referrals and adding expiring warning for duration based referrals.
  • Email templates – you’ll be able to create email templates to use when sending letters and invoices.
  • Plus lots more!

Remember, SMS Global will be unavailable with Version 7 so it’s the perfect time to look at Bp SMS for Bp Allied.  There’s even a special bonus for new Bp SMS customers. Email us for more details.

The Benefits of SMS in Bp Allied

  • Integrates seamlessly into the Bp Allied Version 6 Appointment module.
  • SMS appointment reminders can deliver significant cost savings by reducing patient “no shows”
  • Patients can receive valuable appointment reminders direct to their mobile phone
  • Seamless two-way SMS, allows Patients to confirm an appointment via SMS with a simple YES reply.
  • Simple workflows & templates to automate reminders for Reception staff and Practice Managers.
  • Features
  • Tailored Practice or User SMS templates
  • Customise SMS Appointment reminder scheduling and send times using the Bp Allied Scheduler
  • Message your clients directly via the Send SMS function within the Client Record or Appointment Book.
  • Only quality Tier One SMS Providers used.
  • SMS credits have no expiry date

Hosted Server Migration work in July

For hosted sites using Bp VIP.net & VIP Gold

Throughout July Best Practice will be performing a hardware and infrastructure update on our hosted environment to ensure the reliability, stability and performance of our hosted service.

During this period, we will be contacting all hosted customers and scheduling an outage for the migration of their current environment over to the new infrastructure. These transfers will be scheduled from Friday through to Sunday evening ensuring minimal down time with full availability for the affected users commencing early Monday morning.

The process itself will consist of the following steps:

  1. Assessing your current environment and configuration.
  2. Preconfiguring and deploying the new environment.
  3. Migrating the database to the new infrastructure during the scheduled period and testing.
  4. Transferring any additional software and settings.
  5. Updating the remote connection to point at the new hosted environment.

You will be notified prior to your Practice's scheduled deployment, which will be carried out during a weekend period with the aim of completion by the Practice's opening on Monday morning. 

There may be minor changes that could initially affect Practice operations, which will be resolved in the days following the transfer.  In the week preceding your scheduled change, Best Practice will contact you directly to make changes to your Practice’s setup to allow you to connect to the new hosting environment.

We are currently undertaking assessments of all cloud-based configurations and will contact business owners/Practice Managers with future updates and proposed timeframes.

VIP Gold News

For New Zealand and Australian users of VIP Gold

The latest VIP Gold release Version 9.21 will be available from early July. Watch your emails for release details!

We encourage all VIP Gold customers to update to this latest version as we’ve made a whole bunch of improvements and fixes.

This update includes:

  • A new Remote Support option via LogMeIn, allowing our Support teams to easily access your computer remotely when required.
  • A range of enhancements to support the New Zealand Ministry of Health enrolment and funding status changes that came into effect 1st April 2019.
  • Enhancements to GP2GP document processing.
  • Enhancements to RSD messages including the added ability to attach a pdf document.
  • Improved our functionality around merging patient records

We’ve also made some major improvements including;

  • An issue where a prescriber could be changed after printing
  • An issue with the Inbox icon not displaying red when new messages were received
  • Issues around system performance and Windows compatibility
  • An issue where imported lab results were not displaying the sending organisation
  • An issue where incorrect ACC claim numbers were getting associated to a new claim and referral

See release notes here for more information.

Hints and Tips from Bp’s Sales team

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Changes around licence keys issued for Bp Premier customers

With the release of Bp Premier Indigo came a number of changes to our software and one of these changes required implementation of new licence keys.

The next time you renew your subscription and/or add any new practitioners you may notice that we now send out two different licence keys depending on the version of Bp Premier you are running, along with steps to identify what version your Practice is running and how to implement the appropriate licence key.

Recently we have received a number of calls regarding the licence keys not ‘fitting’ inside the field within the software to update. While it may appear this way, if you copy and paste the relevant key for your version into the licence key field and click validate – your licence will be updated accordingly.

Bp VIP.net Tips and Tricks

For New Zealand and Australian users of Bp VIP.net

Creating Custom Medication Records

Custom medication records can be added to Bp VIP.net. This medication record can be used as well as the Mims or NZULM database.

  1. Click Setup>Medical>Custom Medications
  2. Click the New button. The Details tab is displayed when the new custom medication name can be added to the Medication field.
  3. Enter the name of the Medication and record whether it is a Statin Drug by ticking the box.
  4. Click the Formulations button to display the Maintain Custom Formulation screen
  5. Select the Details tab to complete the Form e.g. Tablet (Maintain List field: R Click to add to the Form list) and Strength e.g. 20 mg. The strength field will display in the Packs field, therefore if the medication comes in Bottle form select the format of Bottle/Dose Instructions and Directions for Use.
  6. Print Separately, Oral Contraceptive and Requires Authority can be specified for the medication by selecting the corresponding tick box.
  7. The Notes (Not Printed) section allows details of the medication to be entered. This will display in the Note (Not Printed Prescribing Reason) section of the prescription.
  8. Select the Generics and Classifications tab to add Generic Compounds and Drug Classifications to the Custom Formulation Record.
  9. Click the Packs tab to enter information of the pack size.
  10. Click the New button to add on the Units/Pack; Number of packs and Repeats information
  11. Click OK to save the record.
  12. Click OK to save the Custom Formulation.

Bp Learning News

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Do you live in Melbourne and want to brush up on your Bp Premier skills? Then join us from 30th July to 2nd August as we cover off things like billing workflows, SMS reminder functions to adjustments and reversals. 

And we'll be in Brisbane from 20th August to 23rd August.

We will equip you with the foundational skills to use the software effectively whether you’re a new or experienced user.

If you’re comfortable with using Bp Premier but are thinking about upgrading, come and learn how to use the Indigo SP1 Bp Comms components from setting it up in your Practice to how to use the functions when sending appointment reminders, Clinical communications and health awareness communications to your patients. 

We are still taking registrations for all sessions in Melbourne and Brisbane but spots are limited and can’t be extended. Please click here for more information or to register. Alternatively, call our Product Knowledge, Training and Deployment Team on 1300 40 1111 (pressing option 1 for Bp Premier and then option 3 for Training).

Lorraine at Wild Health Summit

Bp Director (and co-founder) Lorraine Pyefinch spoke on two panels at the recent Wild Health Summit in Sydney. Lorraine spoke on “Who is doing better at digital health – Tertiary or Primary Care”; and “The rise of healthcare API platforms, disrupting platforms and connecting patient”.

It was an excellent Summit and Lorraine represented Best Practice proudly, with the importance of Frank and Lorraine in digital healthcare in Australia referred to throughout the day.

Bp featured at Queensland Parliament House

Best Practice was invited to Parliament House in Brisbane to be part of the Bundaberg Promotion Night in June. 

The night was a huge success, with Queensland MPs very interested in the Best Health App, which our Marketing, Communications and Events Manager Trish showcased. 

Long time Bp Premier user Dr Christian Rowan (who is the Member for Moggill) stopped by our Display and was happy to sing Best Practice’s praises to his fellow MPs. Thanks Dr Rowan!

Get ready to shine at the Bp Premier Summit!

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Our sixth Bp Premier Summit will be held in Brisbane from 22nd to 24th May, 2020.

Our website is now live. Check out the many excellent accommodation choices around the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. It also features our Exhibitor Prospectus for those wanting to sponsor or have an Exhibition Space at this fabulous event where our Delegates (GP’s and their Practice staff) as well as Guest Speakers, Sponsors and Exhibitors will gather in Queensland’s capital city Brisbane to learn new skills, new information, new ideas and to review the latest digital health products available on the market! You can also register your interest to attend. 

Online registrations will open as soon as our action-packed programme is finalised.  Check it all out here.