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Here are just 7 things TRG is doing in South Africa!

TRG is at work every day in Durban improving the lives of our students and the community.  Our work embodies the collaborative and community-oriented spirit of the Zulu principle "ubuntu" which means "I am because you are."

1. Youth Day Community Service Event

Community service is a fundamental pillar of TRG's mission. This year students celebrated "Youth Day" with a program focused on increasing early education and educational retention through high school. The program was open to the whole community.

2. Alumni Network Development

This year we established the TRG Alumni Network to provide a formal organization for former program participants to assume leadership in TRG, which fulfills the vision of TRG: establishing homegrown leaders. The Alumni Network has helped host the monthly workshops, sponsored social and networking events, and participated in service projects. Their upcoming intitiave will focus on community health.

3. Business Plan Competition

Both current students and alumni have an opporunity to participate in the annual businesses plan competition. This allows students to apply the skills they've learned and receive funding to establish their venture. This year we celebrate the winning students from Amandlethu High School and alumnus, Zophila Sikhonde. Our 2015 winners are well on his way to making their dreams a reality!

4. Monthly sessions led by South African Leaders

Our students learn leadership skills, business development and financial literacy from some of South Africa's top innovators and entreprenuers. Guests speakers have included professors from University of Durban, Sibusiso Mthembu, lead singer of Joyous Celebration, and Luvo Jonas, founder of the Uncedo foundation.

5. Leadership Development

The success of TRG programs relies on the leadership of Program Manager and alumnus, Mfundo Chili. TRG has committed to developing Mfundo through executive leadership training and English classes.

6. Partnership with Center of Hope

TRG has partnered with Center of Hope to support the TRG Annual Leadership Conference and the Global Ambassadors Program over the next three years. We look forward to growing and enhancing our programs with this partnership!

7. 2016 Building Blocks

June 2016 will mark the 10th anniversary of the TRG Vision. In addition to our current exciting programs, we will be entering the next phase of TRG by launching a health and wellness initiative and expanding our partnerships and reach across Africa and the Caribbean.