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Considering LE BOAT 
for your canal cruising in France?

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Christian Blondeau says: " I compare it to Luxury Camping on water"

  • NO permit required
  • Only requires 45 Minutes training
  • YES you can add bike rentals as an option
  • YES there are transfers pre and post cruise available offer Transfers pre and post cruise
  • Prices per week vary according to seasons, locations and boat size and types.
          - from $1,000 for 2 people
          - from $1,200 for 2 to 4 people
          - from $1,900 for 4 to 6 people 
          - from  $1,800 for 6 and up to 8 - 10 or 12 people

There are always on-going discounts and specials available,
so call us to find out more.

It is a very popular , easy and affordable holiday concept that  which suits all types of Australian travellers.


More about Le Boat canal cruising...

  • The boats are all self-drive; you can hire a boat and drive it up and down French & European waterways at your leisure. It’s like a self-drive holiday, but on water.

  • Le Boat is similar to a river cruise luxury barge, but much more affordable and adaptable. The cruisers let you visit small and unique destinations at your own pace that are not accessible to larger vessels.

  • At the time of boarding, the local host teaches you everything you need to know in the first few hours on-board, and then you are on your way cruising. It is that easy!

  • If you need assistance along the way there are bases only a few hours apart along each waterway to help any traveller that may have difficultly.

Christian always recommends hiring a larger boat than necessary to offer more comfort and privacy, such as a 6 berth for 4 people is fine, or perhaps for larger groups 2 boats is also possible. We have boat for up to 10 or 12 people. 
Most Australian travellers are booking river in France and the most popular regions are Canal du Midi and Burgundy, however, they also have excellent holidays options in the Camargue, Aquitaine, Lot, Charente and Brittany.


Who is Le BOAT for? 
Anyone can drive a Le Boat, that’s the beauty of it! It’s perfect for families, couples wanting tranquillity or groups of friends of any age. Boats can fit from 2 to up to 12 people on board.


Why will you love it?
Australians are always looking for something new and different from the norm especially on their second or third trip to Europe, so why not  try Le Boat canal cruise for something different !


To receive a brochure  call us on 1300 302 623 or email us.

....with his personal tips on river cruise rental boats in  France & Europe.

-" travellers should select a 'one-way' cruise - it is worth the extra 100 odd dollars not to do twice the same river and therefore see twice more than a return cruise.
- "select a cruise with the lesser locks  - it will make your journey so much more enjoyable with less interruptions...
-" take the option to add bikes  on your cruise - it is part of the concept to visit the villages  and sites along the way...

So, now that you know  a bit more about this  amazing product - do not hesitate to consider it in your itinerary to Europe. 

As a French travel expert, France at Leisure also specialises in 

  • Unique Paris Apartment rentals,
  • Luxury Hotel Barge cabins or charters,
  • Affordable Chateaux stays all over France and
  • Car Leasing among other services.

Most of all we are here to assist you in preparing your travel to France, so for any tips and genuine advice, call us  to discuss.

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