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They Need Your Prayers

Two years ago I felt God tugging at my heart; I knew that I needed to leave the hustle and bustle of college life, if only for a short while, and take time off to give of myself to others.  I decided to serve as a student missionary, through lots of prayer I accepted a call to be an English Teacher in Guinea, West Africa.

From the beginning of my student mission experience up until the very end I had prayer partners. Friends and family uplifted me in their daily prayers as I fundraised, prepared to leave and as I traveled.

Whatever doubts I may have had about my decision to serve overseas were quickly dispelled when I arrived. After my first few days in Guinea I realized that I was right where God wanted me to be. Working in a Muslim country was not the easiest, I dealt with culture shock and homesickness. However through it all I could see God working through me to reach the children that I was teaching. Every step of the way I felt the prayers of my partners back home. When I left Guinea a year later my life had completely changed; not only did I have an impact on my students' lives, but they had a lasting impact on mine. I am so thankful for the time that I spent there and for the way that God used me to spread His love.

Every year Andrews University sends out student missionaries all over the world. They each face joys and happiness, but they also face times that can be difficult and faith shaking. One way that you can help see them through their journey is to pray for them. God’s plans for us are far beyond what we can imagine and maybe yours is to partner with those who are spreading God’s love overseas. 

More information about current student missionaries and their locations can be obtained by contacting Student Missions in the Andrews University Campus Ministries Offices; (269) 471-3211 or

by Rebecca Coleman, Pioneer Midweek Editor


Slow Down Aging with Exercise

The cover story of this week’s issue of TIME Magazine (dated February 23, 2015) is Dispatches from the Frontiers of Longevity.  A number of topics are covered including the best places to be an old person, the best diets to follow for longevity, and brain activities to keep the mind young.  An intriguing graphic in the issue illustrates how different parts of the body age, when that process starts for each, and what can be done to slow the process.  I’d like to focus on the parts that can be directly, and positively, affected by exercise.

Lungs – The ability of the lungs to properly oxygenate the blood begins to decline about 1% per year starting at age 30.  Since this decline is greater in people who are sedentary than in those who are active, the good news is that aerobic exercise can greatly slow the decline.  Brisk walking which causes you to be slightly breathless is a good way to start improving your lung function.  Ideally you should do this five days a week for 30 minutes at a time.

Bones – Bone mass begins to decrease about 1% per year after age 35, and this rate increases after menopause.  However, weight-bearing exercise can make a big difference.  A recent study has shown that simply jumping 20 times twice a day “significantly improved hip-bone mineral density.”

Muscles – Sadly as we age, we lose muscle and gain fat. The rate of this unfortunate exchange really increases after age 40. We have to be intentional about including exercise into our weekly routines in order to reduce this decline in muscle function. Upper body and core strengthening are commonly overlooked but they are important components of how easily we can do the activities of daily living.

Join PMC's community exercise class, lead by Katherine Koudele, a certified group fitness instructor, in the PMC Commons from 6:00-7:00 on Monday and Thursday nights.

by Katherine Koudele, PMC member


ISIS and the Gospel

How many more videoed ISIS murders will the world tolerate? It isn’t a pleasant conversation to have; but the tragic brutality notwithstanding, one can’t help but wonder how horrific the scenes must become before there is a global, collective rising up of the human race to halt the butchery. . . read more

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor


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