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2015 Food Trends: Grocery Delivery Explodes, Gadgets Enable Transparency + More
On-demand grocery, Gen Z foodies, health-focused hardware & much more. Here's what to expect from food next year.

Kitchit’s 3 Rules for Building a Successful Food Startup
From working smarter to never compromising your vision even while fundraising, Kitchit co-founder Brendan Marshall shares his greatest food startup lessons.

How Hampton Creek Got into 20k Stores in Under 1 Year, Grow Your Food Biz This Holiday + More
From Food Genius' 10 foodservice trends of 2015 to Climate Corporation's acquisition of 640Labs, here are last week's juiciest food tech news stories.

Startup Resources

Did a Major New Investor Just Find the Future of Food Startups? - Eater
The inaugural class of the FOOD-X business accelerator program include websites, apps and delivery services.

Throwing Money at Start-Ups in Frenzy to Find the Next Uber - The New York Times
Companies are going from zero to billion-dollar valuations faster than ever, despite a lack of revenue and, perhaps, even a market plan.

5 Iconic Entrepreneurs and Their Business Gambles That Paid Off - Entrepreneur
There’s a difference between taking a calculated risk and making a foolish choice, but these entrepreneurs prove both strategies can succeed.


How We Will Buy Food in 2065 - Edible Brooklyn
Edible Brooklyn talks with Mike Lee of Studio Industries about its new project The Future Market, the grocery store of the future.

Amazon Launches One-Hour Delivery Service in NYC - Wired
The service lets you order from a range of more than 25,000 “daily essentials” and have them delivered to your door for a $7.99 fee.

Nigeria’s Foodstantly Brings Shopping for Food into E-commerce Era - Disrupt Africa 
The startup provides farmers, restaurants and traders with online shops and the technology to connect with customers.

FreshDirect's Weapon Against Amazon in the Delivery Wars - Fortune
The NYC-based service knows how to prioritize food and says it hasn’t yet felt the impact from Amazon’s entry into the market.

Safeway Caught Secretly Charging Online Shoppers 10 Percent More - PYMNTS
The grocery chain will have to refund the money to consumers, a federal judge ruled on December 10.

Could This Tiny Sensor Make Food Sell-by and Expiration Dates a Thing of the Past? - TakePart
Researchers at MIT modified near-field communication tags so they can pick up the smelly gases that spoiled items give off.


Hampton Creek Plans For World Food Tech Domination With $90 Million In Series C Funding - TechCrunch
The funding came from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, Braintree founder Bryan Johnson and more. It will put the funds towards building out its plant database, a new office space and R&D. 

3D Printed Cookies Just in Time for Christmas - Reuters
A Spanish company has combined tech with cuisine to develop the 'Foodini', a 3D printer designed to print the perfect cookie for Santa.

Chobani Debuts Filtration System to Convert Acid Whey to Water, Feed - Food Dive
Chobani has deployed a new reverse osmosis filtration system at its plant in Twin Falls, Idaho, to address its problem with acid whey.

Modified Sensors Could Detect Food Spoilage - Food Quality News
Sensors that can be read by a smartphone could be used to combat food spoilage, according to the developers.

Insect Feed Startup Raises €5.5m in Second Funding Campaign - UndercurrentNews
New Protein Capital led the round. Ynsect will use the funds to advance in the new field for products biosourced from insects.

Amid Support for Mayo Disrupter Hampton Creek, Food Giant Drops Lawsuit - Business Journals
Unilever claimed in the suit that the plant-based food startup's mayo product, shouldn't be able to use the "M" word because it's egg free.


In a Surprising Move, This Major Fast-Food Chain Will Start Selling Grass-Fed Burgers - TakePart
Carl’s Jr. will roll out the menu item at 1,150 locations on December 17, but it might be too good to be true.

Apple iBeacons Find Their Way Into McDonald's - Forbes
26 franchises have been testing out the technology with its customers. In a four week trial, they have been pushing special deals.

Foodpanda Bulks Up In Europe, Buys Food Delivery Outfits in Hungary And The Balkans - TechCrunch
The asquisitions underscore the rapid acquisition march of takeout delivery companies and the emphasis on emerging markets as a growth engine.

Zomato Expands Further into Europe, Acquires Italian Restaurant Search Service Cibando - The Tech Portal
Cibando currently hosts database for over 82,000 restaurants in Italy. Its rich content is what lured it into acquiring this particular servic

Business Efficiency Drives Tech Investments for Restaurants - Hospitality Today
The National Restaurant Association has predicted that the $683.4B restaurant industry is projected to grow by 3.6% in 2014 and that investments in tech are increasing, too. 


FarmLogs Lands $10M Series B to Help Manage Farms - AgFunder
Investors include Sam Altman and previous investors Hyde Park, Huron River and Drive Capital. FarmLogs plans to use the proceeds to invest in product development and expand its team.

Freight Farms Cultivates $3.7 Million From Spark Capital - BetaBoston
The maker of fully functional hydroponic farms built from used shipping containers will use the funds to help grow its business.

Eight Unbelievable Solutions to Future Water Shortages - Guardian
From growing glaciers to rain-making lasers, what are the innovative technologies that could help us tackle the global water crisis?

FDA Proposed Food Safety Rules Threaten Small Farmers and Food Producers - The Washington Times
Thousands of individuals, organizations, farmers and food businesses speak up.

The New Food Police - Modern Farmer
Despite being chronically underfunded and understaffed, the FDA has found itself shouldering the burden of food safety regulation. But is it up to the challenge?

Cow Farmers Get High-tech Tracking App - KSPR 33
A new startup wants to connect the dots between cattle, ranchers, global companies that buy beef and consumers. 


Sean Parker Gives $24 Million to Stanford to Study Food Allergies - re/code
Researches are looking for new ways to treat severe food allergies in children and adults with the goal of developing a cure.

Nutrition App Rise Adds Apple HealthKit Integration And Launches Its First International Markets - TechCrunch
It connects customers with diet coaches who provide personalized suggestions about what their clients should be eating.


Technology is Ready for Synthetic Foods. Are you? - Guardian
Synthetic foods are increasingly touted as the future of comestibles. But the technology has rapidly outstripped consumer interest.

What Your Kitchen Will Look Like in 2050 - FoodBev
Hyperconnected appliances that anticipate consumers’ every need will make ‘Jetsons’-style kitchens a reality during the coming decades.

Can Big Data Help Build a Better Food Bank? - TakePart
One organization in North Carolina is using systems engineering and big data to cut waste and serve more people.

How Technology Can Prevent Food Waste in Developing Countries - Guardian
Fresh produce worth £4.4bn is lost every year in India alone due to poor refrigeration, yet big business has not taken action.

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